You are 'My Everything'
|   May 10, 2015
You are 'My Everything'

#EveryDayIsMothersDay   My mother is 'MY EVERYTHING'.She is there for me in my Best Ever Happiness to the Worst Ever Worries.Ever Since from the moment i was created inside her womb, She started caring for me by letting her desires to go to the corner.

The Confidence i have, the Educaton i prosper, the Respect i get, and the Love i adore, Everything is because of her.

#MothersDay In Every Problem i face, She is the Solution-Finder.She takes all pains from me.A simple conversation with her makes me feel relaxed and blessed.Whatever I think, whatever I do, it purely reflects my mom.In each and every day, In every single moment , she supports me in all the ways.Then how could i able to celebrate only one day in a year when she is the one who should be celebrated all the times.

The way she knows me, The language only she understands, The times she stand with me, For me, My mom is PERFECT! 

And on the other hand, Being a mother myself gives me an utmost happiness.Life has become an interesting and exciting one just because of my little angel.To Sleep, She needs my lullaby.To eat, She needs me to feed.

She sleeps on me , Literally on my heart . Whenever I Smile, she smiles with me not even knowing the reason.I couldn't even able to think a moment without her. She is my little bundle of joy. Because of her only, I can able to experience this motherly love.

I have to write about this.Some months before i fell on the floor because of the spilled water which no one noticed. And my head got hurt badly and I was crying in pain with tears.My 18 months old girl who was sitting in the other room has seen me crying and immediately she cried and approached me.She cried just because I cried, even she didn't know actually what happened to me. 

I feel like special because my little princess needs me for her 'Everything', just like I need my mother. Initially  I am afraid about all the responsibilities of being a mother, But just like Every single mother in the earth, I got the strength and power by seeing my daughter's innocent face.Her simple smile wants me to do all the best things for her! 

Could I love someone who has caused me so much pain??. .

But How I couldn't. .??

My Little Girl has caused me the World's worst pain during labor.

But I Love her the Most just  because I am a Mother!!

I Love my Mom..And I Love being a Mom!!!

#EveryDayIsMothersDay  #MothersDay

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