Are you on the Right Track?
|   Feb 24, 2017
Are you on the Right Track?

The thought of having a baby is exciting, but it also makes you anxious. You are sceptical whether you made the right decision. I strolled along the corridors of one of Bangalore’s best maternity hospitals, restless to know what those prenatal reports read and couldn’t rest until I knew they were all normal. Well, normal reminds me of another fretful thought that lingers all through your pregnancy - the chances of having a normal delivery.

  • Age-old secrets that have been passed down from ancestors continue to be shared to handle pregnancy with ease. Let us look at some simple guidelines to help you sail smoothly and increase your chances of having a normal delivery.
  • I’m sure you must have heard this repeatedly, well you are right, and it’s Exercising. Check with your doctor about what’s best before you plan your exercise schedule. Walking is one of the best exercises. Additionally, simple exercises that strengthen your pelvic and thigh muscles, squatting, and doing simple household chores like sweeping and swabbing the floor. Strengthening these muscles help during labour.
  • Secondly, check your diet. Eat right to stay healthy and deliver a healthy baby. Food has a great impact on your pregnancy. A balanced diet with appropriate quantities of fruits and vegetables can go a long way to help you deliver with ease. Consult your doctor or a dietician who can draw a balanced diet chart for you.
  • Water is one of the most vital components for a healthy body. It is also a very good friend during pregnancy. One of the best tips for a normal delivery is to keep you hydrated. You can complement water with other liquids like juices, as suggested by your dietician.
  • Getting your breathing right is important during pregnancy. Some yoga postures and breathing techniques help you walk along with ease towards normal delivery. Consult your doctor and a yoga therapist to learn the right postures and breathing techniques.
  • Keep yourself happy and avoid pessimism and fear overtake you. Avoid listening to negative pregnancy experiences. Stay positive!

One thing that complements with all the above-mentioned points is choosing your doctor and hospital wisely. You can choose from the best hospitals for normal delivery in Bangalore. Head to Cloudnine, Bangalore, to meet some of the best obstetricians and best gynaecologists in Bangalore. Also, Cloudnine organises workshops on prenatal care, aerobics, yoga and breathing to ensure that you are always on the right track.

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