BEST FOR BABY Johnson & Johnson  You tube channel launch
|   Oct 28, 2016
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BEST FOR BABY Johnson & Johnson  You tube channel launch

I have always been riveted by the kind of information available on internet. Being an over protective and super cautious mommy, before exploring anything new for my baby, I have always researched through people and widely over Google. You can say my phone and Google has been one of my strong support system in my 3 years of motherhood plus the pre pregnancy & nine months of pregnancy journey. Many a times I found relevant information. I also believed in certain traditionally followed suggestions, but relied more on my doctor, parenting books and internet. Nowadays, there is so much of content available that one cannot trust the source of information.  Recently I got an invite to attend the Johnson & Johnson 'Best For Baby' You Tube channel launch. Having a complete you tube channel on the best practices for your baby is such a blessing for mothers who are always on a run for doing right for their baby. Whether it is massaging, bathing, nursing, teething issues, feeding etc. the channel has it all coming from experts and mothers. The event kick started with an opening talk by Ganesh Banglore, Marketing, J & J India talking about the idea behind the launch. It was followed by humorous & Informative content driven words by Satya Raghavan, Head, You Tube India, who spoke of how internet has become the hub for creative content.  The guest of the event was the beautiful Lara Dutta (popular Bollywood celebrity), who herself is a mother and shared her journey of parenthood. We were also shown some of the Best for baby videos and wished if these were there when I needed them. They were so informative and beautifully narrated.

There was a panel of discussion which had the guest of evening, Deeptha Khanna, VP, Baby GFO APAC & Global Emerging Mkts, GFO Integrated Market (Moderator),Lara Dutta, Popular bollywood celebrity, Ruchita Dhar Shah (FMC founder), Naiyya Saggi (Baby Chakra Founder) Dr Indu Khosla (Consultant pediatrician & Past president IAP, Mumbai), Prashant Sinha, co-founder MyCity4Kids , Richa Goswami, Senior Director, Digital Marketing, Digital Management (Moderator), Mansi Zaveri ( founder) ,Kriti Mehta (New Mum) , Shruti Anand (Popular YT celeb) , Panelist (New Dad). The best points elevated were that it is not only the responsibility of a mother to raise a child but the entire clan. Nowadays the fathers too want to become an equal part in bringing up their children. Every mother & child is different and there is no one best practice. It is also important to give less of screen and more of family time to kids for better behavioral development. The Best for Baby You Tube channel will give everyone in the family including caretakers an opportunity to contribute in taking care of a child since they will be having the best information available on a tap. The best part is you get a sigh of relief when you come to know that you are not the only one facing a certain situation which many mums are going through.

I thank mycityforkids team for giving me an opportunity to be part of this launch. I wanted to meet mycity4kids and fellow mommy bloggers since a long time, and I got a platform to meet them. We were also  given an amazing gift hamper from Johnson & Johnson. I am definitely looking forward to watch and subscribe Best for Baby You tube channel.  

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