Every Breath you take - Let's have Healthy Air in our Room
|   Nov 22, 2016
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Every Breath you take - Let's have Healthy Air in our Room

Maintaining an average health has become a major challenge due to increasing air pollution.  We have got caught in this comprehensive web of toxic pollutants in the air which chalet into our body system and pose a threat to our health.

As per the latest reports by WHO 92% of the world breathes bad air.

Air pollution causes 30,000 deaths in Delhi annually, fifth leading cause of death in India(1)

The leading example being New Delhi’s air pollution which hit dangerous levels during Diwali 2016. (2). The PM2.5, tiny particles in the air jumped to dangerous levels, according to data measured by the board’s air-quality stations in the city.*PM (Particulate matter is a mixture of solid particles and liquid droplets in the air which are not visible to the naked eye)

India has already beaten china in in air pollution deaths last year (3)

It is not only the outdoor air pollutants emitted from cars, factories, power plants, smog causes air pollution; but even air indoors is no more safe. Indoor air has a different composition from outside. Air quality inside the house is determined by volatile organic compounds. Pollutants which are released from solid fuels, gases, smoking, building materials, pollens, kitchen smoke, aerosol products, pet hair, dust, etc.  And most of the symptoms of diseases caused by indoor pollutants occur much later. Indian houses being of match box sizes, we have less of ventilation options. There is fewer greenery and more constructions around our homes. Many of us are not even aware of the linkage between the source of pollutants in their homes and the continuous spell of illness among the family members. The entire debate on air pollution is focused on outdoor pollutants and less is spoken about the pollutants indoors.

Some of the major effects of indoor air pollution are:

  • Respiratory diseases like asthma, chronic bronchitis, low birth weight, cancers of lungs & mouth, stroke, etc., these are specially affecting women, children & senior citizens, since they spend majority of time at home.(4)
  • My entire family is allergic to dust and smoke and I guess now most of us are. It has become very common for women and children falling prey to allergic reactions of skin or even cold very frequently, because our ’indoor air is 10x more polluted than outdoor air’.

    We want to have healthiest air in our room and breathe pollution free air indoors, which is possible and  completely in our hands.

    Air purifiers are big saviors to help us get rid of indoor pollutants.  So how do they work?  

  • They trap particulate matter less than 10 microns thick. Over a course of time, these would erode lung capacity and is equivalent to the damage done by smoking (5) .We need a creation which is a combination of intuitive technology and powerful performance ensures the air you breathe at home is pure and safe.
  • Air purifiers like Dr. Aeroguard from Eureka Forbes has Patented ActiveShield ™ Filtration Systems not only does it sense, clean and purify, it revitalizes the air using a perfect blend of Silver Ions, Diatoms & Vitamins making the air 99.9% pure & healthy always. It is the only air purifiers in India to be certified by world renowned German gui-lab and has Twice the CADR (Clean air delivery rate) of air purifiers in its class.  It also releases Vitamin C in the air and aids relaxation. It has various models under its kitty as per the area of coverage and cost (6).

    Few friends of mine swear by air purifiers and have noted the difference in the quality of air in the house and same is reflected in the health of the family members.

    Winters being more prone to pollution, the air quality further worsens not even leaving our homes. Imagine, one coming from outdoors, scorching in the sun, bearing the smog & dust in the bustling traffic and then coming home again welcomed by different set of pollutants. If we have an air purifier at home, we will at least be assured of a clean air in our house.

    Off lately my family has been down with frequent bouts of cold and for our healthy living we are surely going to get an indoor air quality check done along with demo of Dr. Aeroguard  air purifier for healthiest Air in our room. It is rightly said, ‘Charity begins at home’. Let’s start keeping air clean and fresh at our homes and promise to do the same for our society at large.


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