How does having a baby change the relation with your partner?
|   Feb 23, 2017
How does having a baby change the relation with your partner?

It doesn’t matter if yours is an arrange or a love marriage. You must have known your partner since a long time, met recently or must be childhood sweethearts. A child takes this relation to the next level.Till you have a child, you are just a couple. Somebody’s wife or husband. When a husband leaves for home from work, he just thinks about meeting his wife, sharing his entire day and getting that love & affection from his beloved. When a working wife comes home from work, she would have so much to talk about along with spending time with him. You just think for each other. Surprises are planned for birthdays and anniversary. A good holiday is what you look forward too

 Weekends are spent watching a romantic movie and having cosy dinners. Friends and family also turn secondary. You are so deeply and madly into each other that you just don’t care about the world. Differences crop up. Arguments takes place. You might not even speak to each other for days. One might even have that feeling why I married him/her. 

But when the news of becoming parents creeps in, you just forget all differences. Suddenly one gets a feeling of completeness. Parenthood brings about lot of behavioural changes. One becomes more careful about their words and actions. You start respecting your partner more. Now she/he is not only your better half but also a parent to your Child. You start thinkng about them before anything else. As a family you bond well. There is a team now. A strong connection.

One becomes more emphatic. Where there was no patience and tolerance earlier now there seems to be better understanding. Atleast one of the partner starts showing these traits.

Since the baby takes up most of the time, both the partners look forward in stealing some beautiful moments from this routine. It might be days you must have not been intimate but when the time comes you feel like honeymooning again. So the love here blossoms even more, much more than it was before.

So how can one keep up to this spark in a relation:

1. Magical words : Just saying ‘I love you’ not only assures of the love for your partner but builds in that confidence in a relation. It makes the partner feel good. And the other 3 words ‘I am sorry’ can solve the toughest of problems in a relation. If you have committed a mistake do not hesitate to say sorry.

2. Serenity: If serenity is for an individual soul it is a must in a relation. Always be in harmony with each other. If you had an argument, just keep it for that moment of outburst and let it go. The world needs peace so does a relation to survive. Katti-battis are for kids. It’s ok to be childish but not prolonged. Whatever happened a day before should be wiped out of your memory. And start another day with a fresh start, as if nothing had happened.

3. Couple time: Having an evening spent alone with your spouse can be a great refreshment for both. If your baby is old enough to leave with your parents try removing atleast few hours in a month from your hectic schedule to plan a movie or a dinner date. A time spent with your loved one is worth a million of years.

4. Surprise!!! We all love surprises. I eagerly wait for my anniversary or birthday to be showered with gifts. Sometimes my hubby does manage to give me a pleasant shock rather than a surprise. His purchase goes beyond my imagination. And I just love them. I always tell him why wait for an occasion? Yes, one need not wait for any particular special date to surprise your spouses

Get her some flowers while coming back from work. Buy him a shirt. Cook his favourite meal. Buy a take away from her favourite restaurant. Such small gestures will bring a lot of love, warmth, respect and keep you both in a happy mood.

5. Respect: Respecting each other in front of children, friends and family. Acknowledge each other in daily chores. Oblige each others work and likings. Respect each other as a couple and individual.

There are many such things one can do to make your better half feel more loved and pampered. It takes a second to initiate a few hours of OUR time. Love is not supposed to be hidden in your heart. Why you want to burden your small heart with such an heavy emotion? Rather show it to your spouse and live this feeling forever.

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