Once again it's RESOLUTION time!
|   Dec 27, 2015
Once again it's RESOLUTION time!
May we always be gifted with many many years with our family and closed ones.And have a long, healthy and happy life. May this coming year be full of smiles and laughter. May all your dreams come true. 
I love when I get such wonderful wishes on special occasions like anniversary, birthday, diwali or a new year. For every individual a added year starts on their birthday. And a new year as per calender. We make and break resolutions. We mould and twist them as per situations and our convenience. I never make any resolutions. But have heard of
(I asked few friends & mommies in one of my groups) many such as, to be punctual, organised, save more, fat bank balance:slim body (which we all want), inculcate themselves in their favorite hobby, stay happy, be innovative,help others, work hard to achieve targets and so on.
But how can we reach our goal of implementing and achieving our resolutions. Well let's try some of the following:
-Note it down in your daily diary.
-Make tags and stick it wherever your vision goes; on the door of the fridge, next to TV, on the mirror, on the door of your cupboard, on your desk in office, your wallet etc.
-Keep reminding yourself.
Set a weekly reminder on your mobile, tab and laptop. As and when you are accomplishing it, start writing your achievements. You will get more motivated by this.
-Have smaller goals.
-Have a clear & specific goal. For eg. Loosing weight is not a right resolution. Right goal is loosing 10 kg. joining a gym or a yoga/ dance class is a way to achieve your goal.
-Try achieving them step by step.
-Start planning in advance. For e.g if you want to learn driving enroll yourself before new year so that you achieve your goal of learning in the first month of new year itself.
-Inform your family & friends for guidance & support.
Do not forget to thank those who made your year.

Well for the coming year I have my RESOLUTIONS ready(for a change). Do you?

Have a great 2016.

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