POWER OF TWO #ItTakes2 but the benefits are abundant: Inclusive Parenting leads to holistic child development
|   Dec 03, 2016
POWER OF TWO #ItTakes2 but the benefits are abundant: Inclusive Parenting leads to holistic child development

Motherhood comes very naturally to women, since she holds the baby for 9 months in her womb and gets to experience all the movements during her pregnancy and pain at the time of birth. So does the responsibility associated with baby care. Massaging, bathing, diaper changing, feeding she can do it all. But the same thing becomes a little tough and comes out with a lot of coaxing when it comes to the father. Leaving a few exceptions aside, many fathers find baby caring a challenging task.

A child needs the parents love, care, time and support for cognitive, social & emotional development.  He/she will look up to both the parents for absorbing the cues required for him/her to grow mentally & emotionally.

Yes, #it takes2 and even Pampers believes that. In the recent Pampers event I attended in collaboration with #mycity4kids ,started with some amazing videos beautifully highlighting that how and why #ItTakes2 to raise a child. Both the parents have equal responsibilities. Whether both parents are working or one is a stay-at-home parent, still both have to participate in daily chores of the baby.

Followed by a panel discussion sharing their insights on baby care and development comprising of Miss Banu Ismail, Psychologist, child psychotherapist and Psychoanalyst;  Dr. Avinash De Sousa, Consulting Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist in the holistic development of the baby; Ms Mandavi Jaiswal Mommy Blogger and the host Ms. Parul Ohri, the chief editor of mycity4kids


The crux of the discussion being that it is always the mother who is looked upto when it comes to taking care of the child. The dads are always very apprehensive and seen as a bread earner. But now times are changing and men have started participating equally. They have realized that a women has to go through all the pain in giving birth to a child and continues putting efforts her for lifetime. So now they do not want to “walk in front of us but with us”, exquisitely expressed by mommy blogger Manvi .

Dr. D’souza also shared his personal experience as to how he was present when his son needed him leaving his work obligations aside. Many mommy bloggers shared their views and also asked questions. It was overwhelming to see even dads accompanying the mommy bloggers participating in the event and sharing their involvement as a father.

A survey held by Neilson In association with Pampers has revealed that 86 % of the mothers feel that changing baby diapers by fathers is a great way for father-child bonding. So, Pampers Premium care Pants which are so soft & dry that baby hardly feels them along with a soft waistband and great dryness to lock wetness for 12hrs with infused protection for baby’s skin. Even the dads, who are usually very fussy when it comes to diaper changing, can do it easily.

The centre of the brand has always been “baby”. It focuses on the goal for happy & healthy baby, which requires contribution from both the parents. I was surprised to know that 83% of dads want to help in baby chores but don’t know how to? Pampers new premium brand is convenient for dads to do the diaper changing. Since, one is always so paranoid about this mundane.


A mother is always traditionally believed to be taking care of the house and the baby. There is always resentment and eyebrow raising when a father is rearing a child. So why does a need arise for both the parents in responsive parenting and child development?

  1. It helps in cognitive, emotional, physical and social development
  2. The child develops optimally
  3. Becomes emotionally strong and confident
  4. Develops better learning skills
  5. Feels connected to both parents, rather than clinging on to one
  6. The feeling of insecurity is negated.
  7. Your relationship as a couple also takes a next level and increases understanding.
 I would like to share few tips here which we already have and try inculcating in our baby care routine:
  1. Spend as much time you can with your kids.
  2. If you are a working parent, weekends or holidays can be planned totally for your kids. You can go to garden, play area, shopping, movies etc. If you have an infant at home, just talk and caress them as much as you can. Sing lullabies and tell stories.
  3. Cuddle your children. A warm hug to your child speaks thousands of words of assurance and boosts your kid’s confidence.
  4. Small chores like diaper changing can be done alternatively and that also with fun. Talk and sing while you change diapers and see the smile on their face.
  5. Bed time can be made family time. Share and ask about the day spent.
  6. Eat meals together. Even if you have a toddler, make them sit with you while having meal.
  7. Pray together. A daily habit of praying develops gratitude and respect towards others.
  8. Take alterative days to massage and bath your kids. We do the same on weekends. My husband gives bath to our daughter on weekends and I love the way they bond.
  9. Don’t have the guilt if either of you are sharing a little more responsibility. Here the baby care is not to be divided equally but shared fruitfully.
  10. None of you are babysitters. We are parents and have complete responsibility and accountability of our kids.
Small steps make a lot of difference in our child’s life and their development.

At the end of the event, we were felicitated with an amazing gift hamper which had all Procter & Gamble products along with Pampers Premium Care diapers. We also took away a memory in the form of an instant pic.

A vote of thanks to #mycity4kids and #Pampers for arranging such a valuable and interactive event where we got so much insight into the unspoken part of parenting. I am sure the campaign of #ItTakes2 would bring a lot of change in the approach towards responsive parenting and support healthy child development.


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