|   Apr 08, 2016

 I feel like an amateur tech user when I see kids around me so tech savvy and drilled into the phenomenal world of gadgets. Tablets, I pad, kindle, laptops, games; mobiles have adults and kids as their compulsive user and biggest fan. They are drowned in this innovative yet dangerous world of technology and have forgotten what exactly childhood means. It really hurts when I see tiny tots and grown up kids being slave to mobiles and tabs that they don’t enjoy playing the way we used to. I still remember when we were kids we used to play every day for 2-3 hrs. Saakhli, kabaddi, kho kho, badminton, chor police, chupa-chupi, football, throw ball and many more such games were a routine for us. In the vacations we used to play indoors with dolls, puzzles, board games, kitchen set, enact teacher-teacher & doctor-doctor. Early morning by 6.00am we used to foray into the rising sun with our skates and cycles. We were a volcano of energy.

But where do we get to see all this now. I barely see kids playing. Blame it on having no playground in the vicinity. The area which ideally should be dedicated for play area is now dominated by parking slots. Very few gardens are created. Outdoor play areas are substituted by indoor soft play areas.

It is quite amazing to know how a 2 yr. old masters the usage of smartphones and tablets.

The invention of touch screen devices has made it even easier for kids to stay away from these novelties.

There is less verbal communication between loved ones. It is very important to have face to face communication with children, which has reduced on account of parents & kids being occupied with their smartphones & laptops.

So how intensely the extensive use of electronic gadgets is effecting our young generation:-

  •   According to research, the ceaseless use of electronic media has caused ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) in children. The mind works harder to absorb the barrage of sensations and makes it more difficult to focus on any one task.
  •   Children also create false personas about themselves that are more positive than realistic.
  •   Lack of physical activities makes them a couch potato and affects their physical & mental health. They neither participate in sports activities be it in school or college, nor play with their friends.
  •   They make more simulated friends online than in person.
  •   Electronic media if used during sleeping time effects kids sleeping pattern.  With the skyrocket use of smart phones, children whenever they get free time, instead of doing any learning activity, surf the phone.  

Technology if utilized in the correct way can make miracles happen. Though it has made our life easier but has affected our new generation in a major way. So what can we do to control this menace?

 1. Encourage children right from young age to play with toys and read books. They will get distracted to use mobiles, tabs, video games. Sit with them and play. They just want your attention. Be their friend before they make gadgets as their virtual friend.

 2. Take them out in parks during evening. That time is the most boring for kids since they just can't sit idle and want to play with friends or utilize their energy to the fullest. So let them go out in open to play & explore.

3. During vacations too when children are maximum time at home, plan their schedule. Have different activities for them spread out during the day. Even if they want to play a game on mobile or laptop, let them. But try to indulge them in other activity soon. Children have a shorter attention span so let them dedicate their time for everything.

 4. Do not work or browse your gadgets in front of your kids. Even though you try to make them understand that you’re doing important work they won’t listen. Avoid being on your laptop, cellphones or tabs in front of your kids.

 5. Explain them the harmful consequences of using gadgets frequently.

6. Confine use of gadgets like TV during meal time. Practice sitting with the entire family and have at least one meal. It’s important to know what you are eating rather than having all eyes over TV.

 7. Avoid using it before bedtime. It will hinder your sleeping pattern.

8. Have a child check facility in all gadgets. If required use codes to lock devices.

Usage of any device if kept under surveillance and having restriction on timings shall not detriment any child or even adults. Today, it is because of advancement in electronic media which has brought people of different arenas throughout the world closer and has made our work smarter & faster. It is up to us to take it as sanctification or a profanity.


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