You know how my heart beats
|   Mar 01, 2017
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You know how my heart beats

The most natural and pure bond existing is the bond between a mother and child. The thought of conceiving itself is the start of this beautiful relation. When a woman conceives she starts visualizing her baby. She would hold, cuddle and love her baby even in her thoughts. She talks to the baby, sings to the baby, says the best of things and feels good, so that all this creates a good impact on the child.


Though a mother is already connected to the baby, it becomes more prominent when she holds the baby for the first time. That’s why it is advisable to let the mother hold the baby immediately after delivery and start with breastfeeding. I had asked my gynac to let me hold the baby first and start with breastfeeding. And even before entering the room I nursed her and the connection which was invisible came to life. We both felt contented. For me a new life who was breathing inside me was in front of my eyes & for her, she was now into this new world in the safest arms of her mother. Our wait was over and now it was the start of a new chapter.


There was this tiny Infant whom I had seen as a small butterfly like in my first sonography is now obverse of me making weird noises and giving her cutest expressions. She also smiled when we spoke to her. She recognised our voice.  She smiled for the first time in the hospital while sleeping probably she saw beautiful angels. And the next was when our angel came home and continued doing so since she loved us talking to her. I spoke a lot to my unborn. No wonder now she has turned out to be the biggest chatterbox.


Since I was operated we kept a malish wali for a month. After a month when I went to stay at my mother’s place, I started massaging and bathing her. She was still so small and delicate. I had to carefully stroke her. I gave her light massage just to soothe her. She enjoyed. We used to Giggle, cuddle and do loads of humming while massaging. Bathing was a tough job since I had to sit down and bathe her. Irrespective of my back pain I was able to give her daily baths except during the cold weather. I found both easy since she never used to cry. She enjoyed it to the fullest. It is our maternal instinct which makes us Proactive when it comes to taking care of our baby.



Right from the beginning I did reading to her.  We used to go down for walks daily. Showing her the surroundings, meeting new people and just sitting in the balcony looking at birds was our favourite pastime. As she grew to become a toddler so did I as a mother, I tried to spend as much time with her playing. Though I also got busy with household chores and my work from home commitments, we would play, dance and do loads of fun activities together.  She wanted me all the time and I could not be separate from her. When she starts going to playschool, the thought of she being away for few hours gave me goose bumps. But this parting for few hours made our love more strong. That hug after coming from school was beyond my explanation.


Though I know this antenatal connection which I have with my baby will always stay for life. But I am only not sure of the unpredictability my baby might have in showing her love to me when she grows up. I always want that tight hug, pulling cheeks and tickling which has become a compulsory way off showing our love to each other.


Whenever I look at her I see myself. The way she says, “meri mumma, cutie cutie mumma”. Her innocent way of copying me. People say, ‘’she even talks like you with all expressions’’. She has already started becoming my critic. She would tell me upfront if a certain dress is not looking good. Though I avoid showing my filthy mood in front of her but whenever I am low she recognizes and gives me a warm hug.


My daughter is 3 now, and soon as she grows we might not hold hands. She would like to be independent and this relation might get complex. But I know she will always be there for me and would hold my hand whenever I need her.


There is no motive no selfishness involved in this bond. We both are and for each other always.


It’s the hormones and a divine connection which keeps us tied strong and firm together.


Children see God in their mothers. And I see a beautiful angel in my child.


This bond is from the heart since the child exactly knows how the mother’s heart beats.

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