|   May 10, 2017

Mother- a complete world resides in her. She has the solution to every problem. Ever since I gave birth to my little angel (who is two years now! :) ), I realized that motherhood is a blockbuster movie that includes sentiment, love, drama, action, comedy, suspense and all the elements that we can never imagine of. The respect I had, towards my mom drastically increased. Of course, she was always an inspiration to me. The way she handled everything was amazing and I can never stop thanking her for all the sacrifices she did or is still doing.

Early marriage and pregnancy made me enter motherhood at the age of 20. I had to go to college when my baby was 9 months old. It was not easy for me to leave my baby, but it was necessary. After my graduation, I joined an MNC where I had to work in shifts. Even when most of the time I am not with her, I made sure I gave the best moments in life. I wanted everything to be perfect for her and Yes, I did it. I felt like a super mom until I met those moms who made me feel I still have much more to do!

Vani, my husband’s cousin , a 28 year old mom of two kids , works in the electrical department of the state government. We visited her place after her second child was born. It was just nine days after her caesarian, and she woke up early in the morning (though she had no proper sleep whole night because of her new born). She washed all of her new born’s clothes and got food ready for her first child, who was five years old.  It is not easy to do this after undergoing a caesarian. Even now, when she has to go to work, she makes sure that she finishes all the household chores. She gets her kids bathed, feeds them and also keeps their full day meals ready and separate. After coming back from work, she gets back to the role of a mom again and makes sure she spends quality time with her kids.

Swaroopa, my maternal aunt, a single mom. She lost her husband in an accident , when her son was just four years old. She was shattered by this news. To add to her miseries, her Parents-in-law or the family never supported her financially and denied share of property. This did not have an affect on her. Being a doctor by profession, today she takes care of her son and fulfills all his needs. She plays the role of a mother and a father as well.

Nisha Arora , my friends mom, a cheerful lady who was married at an early age. It was always difficult for her, to keep her married life stable. Her only reason to not give up was her two daughters , who meant everything to her.  Finally, when she could not take it anymore , she gave up her relation. Society starting judging her and blaming her for this but she stood strong. She faced all odds and raised her daughters to be independent women. Till date, she has her own boutique and makes sure she has enough to give more to her daughters.

These moms represent all moms, in every corner of the world. It was time that I realized every mom has a unique story and is an inspiration to every other mom. Of all the relations we have, mom’s are always special because we share a time of nine months only with them. Her love cannot be compared to anyone. Words fall short when we try to explain about a mother's love or sacrifice for her children.

I take this as an opportunity to salute all mothers and wish them a Happy Mother's Day! More power to you all :)

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