5 Life Lessons taught by Children
|   Feb 28, 2017
5 Life Lessons taught by Children

It is often said that as children grow up parents grow too. As a keen observer of my children's progress I have become a more matured adult. A child is the best teacher that life can offer you as there are a lot of lessons that we can learn from them. 

But the following are the most important lessons that my children have taught me and I am sure all of you would agree with me:

1. Living in the present:

When we grow up to become adults we start planning for future and regret about our past that we fail to live today. But children our different. Everyday is as exciting as the previous day. They live the moment. They don't plan for their future. They make the most of the day by doing what their heart tells them to do.

This is most certainly their reason for contentment and happiness.

2. Happiness in small things:

Children find joy in the smallest of things. Anything form a smile, a kiss or a hug to a small toy worth a few pennies makes them happy. In stark contrast we adults always need more and more gadgets to make our life comfortable but ultimately run in pursuit of happiness which we had left back as we moved into adulthood.

Unless we find joy in small things we would lead a luxurious but miserable life. Look into the eyes of your child...see the gleam you would  find your lost happiness come back to you.

3. Indomitable Spirit:

I still remember the days when my little girl attempted to stand on her tiny feet all on her own. How many times she would have had a fall..countless. But that would not deter her from trying again.  I have often wondered at the resilience that children show in a number of things.

Their indomitable spirit and never say die attitude are thing that we as adults need to imbibe as a part of our lifestyle. We fret and fume over small failures and finally give up. Don't stop ! Chase your dreams like children do.

4. They don't differentiate:

Children are friends with everyone whether big or small, old or young, white or brown or black , human or even an animal. They express the same affinity and love towards one and all.

But we as adults don't stop differentiating people and treat them accordingly. Our affinity is more towards our priced gadgets than people who once loved us beyond measure.

5. They don't hold grudges:

You scold or yell at them still they come back to you. They give you a hug or a kiss and you meltdown on your knees. But do you treat people the way they treat you. The moment something untoward takes place in a relationship how many of us take an attempt to set things right. We blame one another and hold grudges that last a lifetime.

Shouldn't we learn to wipe out grudges from our children. A genuine hug , a smile or a sorry can set right all relationship troubles.

To summarize live your life  like a child does. Laugh until your stomach hurts...play while you work!! You only get to live once!

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