Scared to be lonely
|   Mar 11, 2017
Scared to be lonely

This is a small poem for all those who sometimes, despite having a lot of people/loved ones around, feel alone. You want to catch hold of any one of them and tell them what is going inside your heart and brain. You want to vent out. Though some people often disclose their emotions in alone, but down inside they badly want someone to be there by their side.

They want to be hugged and consoled. The want the "We" time. It is better said than done, that people look out for personal space or "Me" time. But that does not last long. Eventually everyone wants to be taken along.

A mother agitated with her baby, will want someone to baby sit him for a while or put the baby to sleep. But her heart would continuously miss the attention she gets from that bundle of joy.

A wife would want sometime off her daily chores, with her girlfriends, but her heart would search for her partner to be by her side.

An employee would love to have a vacation from his office, but he will soon start to miss his targets.

It is rare to see a life where loneliness is welcomed.

The poem tries to capture the same feelings and emotion of deliberating between whether I want to be alone or I'm scared.

Sometimes when I'm alone,

I muse that how this night trolls.

It has nobody to hold onto, no one to share,

Still walks hours listening to others' prayers.

I wish I had the same perseverance and strength,

To travel like night for this length.

"No!", I think. I'm greedy enough,

Surviving this loneliness is indeed rough.

I need someone to talk to, someone to hug,

This "own time" concept is a partial affair, and trust me it bugs.

It is more frolic to do silly things together,

Time then, you'll see, sways like a feather.

Then are memories created to remember,

You cherish them and are no more alone, which gives life to new moments and this cycle goes forever.

Night is a rock!, I want to be waves,

It can exist alone, I want to carry sand as I sway!

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