9 ways to develop confidence in your child
|   Apr 27, 2016
9 ways to develop confidence in your child
If you hug your child once a day..
You know how to give love God's way..

If you tell them a story to clear their doubts..
They' ll love you forever in heaps n bouts..

If you keep your promise n not deny..
Your child will never learn to lie..

If you make them laugh n together you sing
They'll learn to live like a Queen n King..

If you teach them how to earn respect
They' ll learn to cherish each aspect..

If you tell them no problem is really so big
Even birds make a nest  just out of a twig..

If you tell them God is always beside..
Never behind their fears will they hide..

If you set examples by thoughts ..words n actions
Whatever you will see will be learnt reactions

If you teach your kids to chant n pray..
Never in life will they go astray.

God loves you.⁠⁠

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