How to help your child deal with fear
|   Feb 23, 2016
How to help your child deal with fear
Every child goes through fearful phases during their growing years--some fear the dark, some going alone to the bathroom, some fear the natural calamities. While some of it is a natural human behaviour, a lot gets unconsciously taped in the minds of our kids through wrong exposure. The over exposure to harsh energies through television, movies and internet expose them to certain facts they cannot handle at such a tender age. Murders, rapes, theft, kidnapping have become household conversations leading to information damaging the child's sensitive heart making him feel fearful and insecure.
Here are some ways to help your child deal with these fears:
1) Monitoring what inputs, information,our child is gathering through available sources of media is the first step to help them but that is not going to be enough.
2) We need to develop a strong sense of inner security in our kids through prayer and chanting even just for a few minutes to help them build an inner connect. This enables us to sort the entangled emotions overriding our mind causing fearful thoughts.
3) We have an in-built radar system that helps us release mental stress, if we connect inwardly through breathing in peaceful thoughts..Breath work in itself plays a huge role in relaxing our mind and body. So, while taking in deep breaths, think and absorb positive thoughts and help your child do the same
4) A few minutes of chanting 'AUM' which holds sacred vibrations of peace, love and harmony can help raise the vibration of the house creating a sense of security in the child and others.
5) This ritual can be a lifelong gift to our kids who need to imbibe early skills to release negativity n stress to live healthier lives.

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