Welcome aboard new Moms
|   Mar 17, 2017
Welcome aboard new Moms

I was lucky to have few people around me who taught me things about the Do’s and Don’ts during my entire pregnancy. Although I believe it depends from person to person and individual body but I believe that you must gather as much as information you can but at last use your brain.

I had an early miscarriage before I conceived Ira. And I was cursing myself because might be I ate something wrong or slept in the wrong positon or could be that I was not taking rest properly etc. But all what I thought was just the stories which I heard before in my surroundings and not the reality. If facts to be believed the study says Miscarriages are very common occurrences and are known to take place in 3 out of every 10 pregnancies. Most cases of miscarriage occur during the initial twelve weeks of pregnancy.

And my opinion changed totally when I managed things single handedly while I was pregnant with Ira and did exactly what my fear was. Resting for the initial three months and not working much were the old wife tales which I never believed were true (at least for me). Even there was a time when my Husband had to fly to India for work and I managed everything on my own.

These are few things which I did, and might help you as well

1. Be active during this time

2. Eat healthy food. Prepare your weekly food chart and stick that in your kitchen

3. For the sake of exercise I was only walking and trust me it was more than sufficient

4. Capturing and writing all the experience and the moments (it helped me being Positive)

4. I was very focused that I want a Natural birth

5. Watch birth videos, they will surely prepare you before you go for the shot

6. Educate yourself every moment (This book assisted me a lot ‘What to expect when you are expecting’). If possible attending a childbirth class will help you feel more prepared for delivery

7. Track your Weight gain

8. You might want to change your shoes. For some time say goodbye to your heels

9. Spend time with other expectant Mothers and learn from their experience and share yours.

10. Don’t kill your cravings, coz this time will never come back again

Apart from that what also more important is to be prepared before It’s the time. I remember, I started to pack my Hospital bag at least 3 weeks before I rushed to the Hospital. I believe you all will agree with me here.

1. Health Insurance card

2. Your Identity card

3. Clarify your birth plan to your Doctor or mid wife (who should be there with you, what you want and don’t want, your preferred positions, if you want music, if you would like to do videography or photography)

4. Your bathrobe including Nightgown, slippers, socks (atleast two)

5. Toiletries (Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Moisturizer & most important Lip Balm)

6. If you have your own preferred pillow (Breastfeeding pillow)

7. Camera or Phone along with charger

8. Nursing bras

9. Maternity underpants

10. Handful of snacks and candy’s

11. Newborn clothes

12. Diapers (I strongly recommend Pampers)

13. Sanitizer

14. Baby blankets

15. You might want to carry some goodies to the hospital staff (My husband took a picture of me and new born Ira with the Doctor and midwife and gave them all one photo along with a Big Cake for all)

16. Baby seat (In Germany it is mandatory to have a baby seat before you are discharged)

17. Bring an extra bag (You will leave the hospital with more stuff than you had before)

I am hoping that if not all but you might want to follow some helpful advice from this blog. And I will be pleased to receive your suggestions and recommendations on my experience above. Because I believe in gaining something than losing the opportunity. If I have missed any details above, please help me and other Mothers on board to identify it and make best use of your experience.

Keep posting your beautiful memories


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