We Are Alive, But Are We Really Living?
|   Apr 30, 2017
We Are Alive, But Are We Really Living?

Gone are the days when families used to have dinner together where thoughts about how each one’s day went by was shared, discussed and analysed together, as a family! These days, even if families do sit on the same dining table, every single member is either engaged on Whatsapp, or is busy updating a status on Facebook or is busy portraying their allegedly happy family portrait on Instagram, whereas on the contrary each one hardly knows anything about the other. This is because we have become so addicted to coping with the vicious social norms that we are somehow turning into antisocial humans.

Remember those days when a family used to sit together and cheer for Sachin Tendulkar during cricket matches, together? That sense of togetherness is totally lost and useful online applications have taken up their space.

We assume that we are the proud creators of all social media channels and we are the ruling masters, but somewhere we have turned into slaves of our own creation.

Once we update our picture, we constantly keep checking for the number of likes that it’s received. We continuously want our snaps to get the maximum number of likes and comments from superficial people on the Internet, lack of which upsets us to a great extent.

I sometimes wonder why people feel the need to Instagram their entire trip just to represent to the world that they went on one and had fun in it. I wonder how people share their emotions on Facebook. According to me, if you are happy, share the good times with your friends who you are guaranteed to feel happier with and if you are sad discuss it with real people because they are the ones who are going to help you in your dire times of need, not your so-called Facebook friends.

These days, people go to parties not to enjoy but to have as many clicks so that they can upload them the very next day and make others feel how cool they are but while doing this they don’t realise that they are missing out on the most important moments of their lives. They are not living in the moment because they are too busy capturing it. This happens basically because we are obsessed with capturing moments that are worth living.

Do you remember the last time you wished your parents or a beloved one a happy morning or wished they had a good day ahead? Can’t remember? That is because these days, the first thing-to-do in the morning is checking Facebook news feeds, Instagram posts to pry on who did what the previous night.

We pretend to be so happy with our lives on social media by uploading photos and videos. But, please stop and ask yourselves, “Are we really happy”? You are always a part of the race to impress others, is it really important for you to survive in the world? Are factors such as values and morality totally lost in the black hole?

Life was simple and sorted before these maniacal social times.  People, in the earlier times used to visit restaurants with friends and talk till the food arrived and even after that! Today’s exotic food ordering apps have demeaned our relationships and we rarely have conversations at the dinner table anymore!

Someone who's travelling to exotic destinations, thriving on gourmet cuisines, or partying is not necessarily happy in his/her life. Uploading selfies is just their way to validate their existence. Sometimes because of this, certain people start feeling jealous and begin to compare themselves with others. All this leads to isolation, depression and more such harmful disorders.

I have observed people being glued to their mobile devices in social gatherings such as weddings etc. So much so that they hardly interact with people around. We should start looking at the world with our real eyes, not our REEL eyes!

In our hectic work routines, most of us don't really have much of a life and even in that most of us are busy in checking what others are doing. At least, use that time for yourself think and ponder about your own self and what you expect from life.

Try not to waste your time on expressing your joys, sorrow, or happiness on social media. Rather, use that time to improve yourself and being a better person than you were yesterday, in REAL life!

Always remember that the perfect selfie is not about being at that fancy place, or in that designer outfit, not even how cool your squad is, it’s all about you. Just 'be yourself' anytime, anywhere, and real people will follow and like you, for real!

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