Mom a title just above Queen 👸
|   Apr 26, 2017
Mom a title just above Queen 👸

Mummy,Mom,Amma,Ammachi,Aai,Maa..... there are so many ways of calling a universal known name Mother. Just uttering the word feels homely, relax, and heavenly. I am 38 a mother of 2 kids but still miss my mom😔, her care, her yummy food, and list goes on..... but do mothers specially the homemakers get the respect they deserve.

Smiti my neighbor was cooking, simultaneously cleaning vessels and managing her 1 year old daughter . Mean time the door bell rang her husband was siting in the living room and watching 📺 he shouted smiti please check, she some how managed to clean her hands and came out to open the door it was laundry man she gave him clothes and continued her work in kitchen. Her daughter was troubling her she asked her husband to take care of her so she can complete her work soon. But her husband was busy watching 📺. Poor smiti had to manage all things, I just happened to be there . I asked her do you find time for yourself from all this she smiled and kept silent.

Why do family members take mum specially a homemaker for granted ?

Why dont husbands and kids understand that she too need her me time.

She too have right to relax.

It's just because she don't go out and earn she has to hear all things. Moms can do multitask work at same time. Her brain works more fast than a computer. Our society should respect her work too, her unconditional love ❤️ towards her kids and family members. Stop taking her for granted, she too is a normal human being like you. The only thing she expects is respect and love.

Hats off to all women's as they are no less than man. They can make their own identity if they wish too so never underestimate them

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