How to Accustom Your Kids to Gardening
|   Apr 21, 2016
How to Accustom Your Kids to Gardening

Gardening may at first not sound like really suitable hobby for kids, but it is definitely such. Kids often associate gardening just with producing odious veggs that mommy makes them eat, but it can actually be a very funny and educational activity. Avoid using arguments like healthy nutrition, as they will definitely not be enough to appeal your kids to become devoted hobby gardeners. Try to make things look like a game instead and leave the more boring tasks of garden maintenance for you and the other adults of the family. Look at the suggestions that expert gardeners provided to help you encourage your kids to take part in the gardening work:

Reveal the Funny Side of Gardening

Many kids love doing things with their hands and will be especially happy if they are able to see the results immediately. Combine some eco-friendly ideas in a game and teach the children how creativity can help nature. Eco-conscious gardening can be really funny and cheerful for your kids and there are many ways you can prove this to them. Teach the newbie gardeners how to use natural products to make compost for the family’s garden. It will also be very good to choose interesting and lively greenery to plant and take care of together with the children. Help them with everything they undertake to make sure your children’s first gardening experience will not be a fail. That will be truly discouraging, so experts advise to start with fast growers to guarantee that your angels will soon have produce to be proud with.

Let the Kids Take Care of Their Personal Garden

When trying to inspire your children to become gardeners, you should take into account the possibility of your kids being afraid not to do something wrong in the garden that mommy cares so much for. To avoid such hesitation, announce a few pots or a small area in your garden as a property of your children. Let them feel like they truly own the place and have all the rights to handle it. You can also let the children select the seeds for whatever they want to plant and grow (as long as you are sure your garden’s conditions are suitable). Avoid possible disappointment by telling your kids not every flower or herb can grow and thrive in their garden. Help them choose plants that are easy to take care of even if you lack expert gardening skills.

Make a Themed Garden Together

Children can be easily made to do something if it appeals to their tastes. Suggest your kids to plant and grow in their own garden only things they enjoy eating or watching. Salad or pizza products or your little angels’ favourite flowers are excellent choices. They will make the newbie gardeners even more ambitious to maintain the garden growing and healthy. Explain to them the many benefits of eating organic products and allow them to decorate their rooms with the beautiful and fresh flowers they have taken care of so carefully.

If you manage to find the right way to introduce your kids to gardening, they will pretty surely love it. This hobby, besides being very healthy and educative, is a perfect way to ensure more time for the family to spend together. Do not hesitate and invite every single member of your family to join you and have some funny moments in the garden.

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