Honeymoon baby
|   Jan 10, 2016
Honeymoon baby

Finally u get married and after all the hustle bustle of the rituals and relatives being over ..now you actually take a step into ur dream life with your Prince Charming ...just you and him... And boom .. Knock knock mommy I've arrived..

So here I was with MBA and CFA degree almost 6 yrs into my career and finally ready to take the plunge... Had charted out the next 5 yrs of my life with my to be hubby .. Our professional goals travel crazy goals .."but just him and me..".

Little did I plan that 3 months  into my dream life I already had someone arrived ...unplanned unexpected.. But arrived..!!

Suddenly all plans shifted from two of us to baby setting up rooms to knowing more about diaper brands than the economy plans...

Something I joked a along with my mother ( she got married at 18 and was way more naive)that what did she do having a baby in 1 st year itself  .. Same I did being over smart ( that's what I thought about myself thorough with safe period analysis) at the age of 28! And then started trouble in paradise my emotional turmoil no mental preparation!!! and with the family pressure and abortion making me sound criminal even if I thgt abt it...  

And I become a wreck  something which I thought would be the most beautiful phase had turned me into a daily soap serial with drama and tears !!

So finally did I go ahead with it ??YES  .. Because I was pressurized or was it a moral issue? NO
My husband had a chat with me he said "your most  important and I'm with you whatever you want .. We have out plans ; we will go ahead with them but the only diff if we have our baby will be one extra luggage, few feeding bottle and diaper bag :).. Some more dirty clothes which lets you shop more :))That's all!! "That's when I realised okay so it's not as if my Life will come on hold .. I need to just  re allign a bit... And then began a new journey..
That's when I realised okay so it's not as if my Life will come on hold .. I need to just  re align a bit... And then began a new journey..
I have travelled  with my baby since he was 1 month and it's been more than fantastic .. I just wonder why people say travelling with infants  or toddlers is tough .. Or abortion has so much fanfare attached to it...
The baby is a bundle of joy have it when your ready for it  who will enhance your  ..journey with you .. Does not matter planned or not....! Be proud and be happy :)

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