Milk Machine
|   Oct 11, 2016
Milk Machine

Nisha was sitting in her room feeding her baby. She saw the laddoo packet lying on the table which her mother in law has bought. Her mother in law had asked for a mannat for effective lactation. Looking at the laddoo packet, her mind wandered in the past. She remembered her mother in law's frantic calls to almost all the relatives, taking advice on how to increase lactation. She remembered her sister in law's concerned calls and messages on whether Nisha fed the baby with formula or breast milk today. 

She remembered her father in law's call. How on loud speaker he advised to ask Nisha to pour some milk in a spoon from her breast to feed the baby or to use a nipple. To which Nisha's mother in law responded that the problem is not with Nisha's nipples but it's the lack of milk. Yes, her mother in law discussed Nisha's nipples with her father in law on the loudspeaker. Nisha turned red with embarrassment and anger and looked at her husband who was busy watching TV. She remembered how her husband held her breasts to pump milk. She remembered everything that Nisha had to eat for lactation.

Suddenly, she was brought back from her thoughts by a call. She ignored thinking it must be one of her relatives asking about the breast milk or with a new tip for improving lactation. The phone rang again. She got up from the bed with a little Aaah!.It was her mother's call. "Hello, Mom". "Hi Beta, how is your back ache? Why don't you visit the doctor? It will be a month now." A tear rolled down on Nisha's cheek and ended on her lips. "What happened beta? Hello?" "Thanks for asking about me. Thanks for understanding that I am a human being and not a milk machine".

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