#lifestyle#how life changes after a baby
|   Oct 14, 2016
#lifestyle#how life changes after a baby

Life , is a Journey they say. To me, it has been  a constant learning curve and during this process i found myself constantly reinventing and rediscovering myself.

From a budding dentist to a stay at home mom, From a carefree teenager to an organised parent....life has never been the same.

As a mom of two ; I feel that life changed the moment i got the very first glimpse of my newborn. I can never forget the moment when after sixteen hours of labor I got a chance to finally caress my baby..Teary eyed as i held my baby close to myself I knew life will not be the same anymore. I was totally ecstatic yet i could still cry like a baby..A mixed bag of emotions was all that i was reduced to.. The moment was so surreal that i cannot put that in words.

I would always marvel at the fact that my mum would so easily do so many things together ,until I became a mom myself.You just have to be there at all times everywhere.Mind you, there are no sick leaves!.There have definitely been moments of anxiety and self doubt but the inherent urge to give the best possible to the kids is something which helped me  stay put.

Also the importance of staying healthy and fit became very important..This time the focus was not just on losing weight but working to build up a stamina. There may be obstacles all the way but the drive to take care of god's most precious gift helped me stay positive.

As a second time mom,I had the same anxiety levels but I was better prepared this time. Those sleepless nights where the best you can manage are a couple of winks here and there  soon be forgotten.Enjoy and make the most of those moments rather than cribbing coz you will really miss them later.Lesson learnt!!.With my second pregnancy I also figured out that it is alright to share responsibilities with your spouse .Taking a break and finding out time for yourself is just fine. A day out to the Spa or just catching up with an old pal can do wonders to your personality.

I have been lucky to be blessed with the most amazing life partner who has had experienced his fair share of transformations ,yet stood by me as a rock..Today I just have one thing to say to life.....Bring it on..:))

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