Challenges faced by working couples in upbringing their child in the early stages of parenthood
|   Aug 02, 2017
Challenges faced by working couples in upbringing their child in the early stages of parenthood

Working parents are always challenged on the ways they handle their work and home life's!! Different people have different kind of challenges. Let me give a few examples from the scenarios I have come across in practical life.

Scenario 1 : Couple new to parenthood living in a joint family. Both mother and father working and the child is taken care by grandparents. The challenge here being will the couple be able to raise their kid on their own terms or the kid will be raised as per the rules set by grandparents as they spend more time with them than their own parents??

In such scenarios, care should be taken by parents such that they try to do more activities involving everyone the kid, grandparents and themselves so that the kid can have diversified culture and is not compelled to follow anyone in particular and will be open to follow suggestions from any elder who is concerned at a particular time.

Scenario 2 : Couple new to parenthood and living in a nuclear family. Both parents are working hence the child is sent to a day care. Sometimes the grandparents visit and take care of them. The challenge here being will the parents be able to handle equally the responsibilities toward the kid or the burden will be shifted on one of the partners to handle the kid although both have equal work pressure??

This scenario is quite common and the only solution here can be that the partners try to involve in child and home responsibility equally and not burden only one of them as this can lead to strain in the couple relationship!

I don't believe MBA or any degree for that matter teaches us time management or life management!! It is completely in our hands to manage and yes there are certain tools and people to guide us in both right and wrong directions.

Hence we should make a careful choice and lead a happy and healthy life that can be a model to the future generation who is trying to model themselves based on ours!! But in trying to set example we should not deviate from the main cause that is the development of a good relationship among the immediate people associated with us and hence help our kids to build a bright future ahead of them.

Do not fret if a challenge is placed in front of you! If there is a problem there will always be a solution associated with it, try to find it together as a couple and enjoy the fun throughout the journey ☺️

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