Family of 3 on the wheels.. a memorable trip indeed!! First for many to come..
|   May 07, 2017
Family of 3 on the wheels.. a memorable trip indeed!! First for many to come..

My baby had just completed about 6 months.. when we planned for this sudden trip to Munnar for 3 days in our own car!!

The first 5 months after the birth of the baby I stayed at my parents place and my hubby and in laws used to visit us often making me and baby feel awesome. That honeymoon period with your baby is the most precious but sometimes you might feel that your couple life as husband and wife is being ignored... so we planned for this impromptu trip only the 3 of us in our own car with my hubby driving and me and baby sharing the front seat next to him.. with all our luggages (my hubby even now teases how I got one worth of things in our little swift car ;)) in the back seat and to the extent possible in the rear! But when travelling with such a little one.. carrying almost everything is required!

Our family members were a little surprised and scared too to let only the two of us with our small baby going on trip but we somehow convinced and started on our journey.. it was a wonderful drive.. I missed talking to my hubby privately for a long time since the time I had delivered and this trip made it all possible.. we both got to know each other much better and also our parenting skills!! My hubby was extra caring as I was still breastfeeding the baby and hence gave me ample rest and time whenever required.. at night times I used to wake up only to feed to baby and he would put the baby to sleep singing lullaby.

Starting from diapers to make shift bed, and a funny astronaut kind of dress that my hubby got for our baby from Germany.. we had got it all packed.. we used to stop in between for baby feeds.. sometimes breastfeeding with bedsheets drawn as cover on the car windows or just baby food like cerelac.. our baby spent most of the travel time comfortably sleeping listening to his favourite music!

My hubby is an excellent driver and his skills were put to test when we drove on the Munnar hills at about 7pm in the hilly curves with mist covered and he drives following tail lights of the vehicle in front!! Once we reached our home stay.. his parking skills were put to test as this place was situated in a weird road on the top. But the view was really breathtaking and worth it.

Although Munnar don't meet my Hubby's expectation.. the overall trip itself was worth it.. while returning back we took the Salem route and got delayed by a night and took up a hotel and stayed as we dint want to risk night driving.

I was really surprised as both my motherly instincts and the instincts of a wife both took priority whenever required and helped me understand myself much better during this trip. I would definitely vote for couples to take short trips like these whenever possible to deepen your understandings!!

Overall the trip was a great success as it was our first family trip together and it'll always cherish in our memories forever!!

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