How I braved odds to deliver my bundle of Joy!!!
|   Apr 28, 2017
How I braved odds to deliver my bundle of Joy!!!

I had come to my parents home to celebrate the first Diwali after 5 months our marriage. The marriage bliss was evidently seen on my face.

I faced a lot of mensuration issues since my puberty. In my early 20s, PCOD was detected as well. I continued to take monthly pills for hormonal imbalance as suggested by my gynaecologist and dermatologist. After 1st month of marriage I stopped using them as it had other side effects.

Not much to my surprise my periods had delayed for 7 weeks and hence i thought of going for a routine PCOD scan near my parents home when i had come for the Diwali celebrations. while doing the scan, the doctor inquired if i was sure i had come for PCOD scan as it was suggesting pregnancy related symptoms, but i laughed it out saying, although i'm married its too early for me to get pregnant so soon that too with my PCOD history. Even then the doctor suggested to go for a urine test and confirm the same.

I was really surprised as we never expected this pregnancy news so early!  To say  the fact me and my husband both were a little petrified hearing the same, we both we young and just married, suddenly such a huge responsibility was really gonna be a concern for us. Added to this, my husband's onsite trip had been confirmed a month earlier and he was supposed to leave in 2 months!! we had just started our own house construction and I had shifted to a new project since 3 months. But with God's grace and our most helpful and understanding parents(both mine and my hubby's) we decided to go ahead with my pregnancy. 

I really had a very extraordinary pregnancy as i had almost no symptoms at all what so ever associated with pregnancy! I did not have morning sickness or vomit sessions, no faints, no cravings!! Yes you heard it right i never had any food cravings, just the normal diet. My stomach also dint show up much almost until 7 months time. I guess me missing my hubby added to all of these.  

My hubby joined me for my first ultra sound scan following the first trimester via Skype as he was already onsite. I quit my job after 4 months of pregnancy as travelling was too tiring and also i had decided to join my hubby for 15 days onsite(which was planned before pregnancy though) and hence i wanted a break from my career! In my 5th month i traveled alone to South Korea to join my hubby and spend some quality time together and came back safely. My in laws took special care of me till 6 months completed and then sent me to my mom's place in 7th month where baby shower was planned for me.

I missed my hubby a lot during those days and somehow wished he would be part of the function! But the day came and went and he never came! I tried consoling myself telling he would be present at least for the delivery and we can cherish that moment for ever.. But alas destiny had different plans..During one of my regular checkups in the 9th month, 21 days ahead of my due date and 11 days prior to my hubby's arrival i was sent into labor room for delivery under mysterious circumstances according to me!!

My doctor was explaining my mom that my case was critical and the baby wasn't getting enough oxygen inside the womb so it would be better to get her operated immediately as she had seen a similar case last week and the mother had lost her baby in the earlier case!! that definitely does the trick and my mom signed the papers and i was sent into labor...i pleaded asking to at least speak and let my husband know that i was in labor... but the time zone differences played a crucial part and i was sent into operation theater without even speaking to him!! this was my worst nightmare and it had come true.. i really wish no woman experiences the sadness and loneliness I experienced throughout my pregnancy. But i have to agree being blessed with a healthy baby i really am the happiest mother. After 12 days of my baby boy being born, my husband arrived and we were reunited as a family of 3! My countless sessions of Skype and Facebook finally came to an end and we were there holding each other.

Even to this date after 4 yrs, remembering those days bring tears to my eyes and how i braved odds to deliver my beautiful package sent by God!! Thanks to all my family members and friends and well wishers for being with me then and now.. i'm grateful to all of you!

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