I found my next set of parents once I left my own parents home after marriage!!
|   May 27, 2017
I found my next set of parents once I left my own parents home after marriage!!

This June we'll be completing our 5th anniversary as mother in law and daughter in law ☺️ it does take time for a girl to blend from her own family to her in laws family but the bridge to cross becomes easier if we have understanding people on the other side too. Just as the famous quote goes 'you can't clap with just one hand'.

The ease of transformation from being a working girl to a married woman was gradual but evident. In our country where mostly being a girl makes her parents worrying of the day she would become bride and move on to a completely new family, my parents weren't so much bothered as they had confidence both in their upbringing as well as satisfaction in finding a good home for me. It proved very true and I'm really happy with my in laws family as I got relations which was unknown to me being in a nuclear family set up. I got to live in a joint family and was blessed with another set of parents, brother(brother in law), sister(co sister) and niece(whom I almost call as my daughter) along with of course by caring and beloved hubby.

Being the newly married couple, I was unburdened of the kitchen work as my mother in law took charge of it and happily sent me and her son lunch boxes to carry to our offices, post marriage too. I never actually missed coming home and was happy to visit my parents whenever I could like fortnightly weekends. My only condition for marriage was I be left to take care of my parents along side by in laws and my own home! My mother in law encouraged me a lot in this matter and always said they have gained a son also. And true to her words my hubby always gives first priority to my parents and respects them similar to how he respects his own parents. We are truly blessed as a couple to have gained 2 sets of parents who give their blessings and take part in all our happy and difficult times advising and supporting us whenever required!

We are proud parents to our little junior and hope we can give back a little to the older generation that has put in so much effort in bringing up us to this level and by allowing them to adore, play and enjoy their retired lives with the joy of smiling around their grandson!

Sometimes I do feel may be we are putting a little burden on them as we bring the working parents leave our kids in their care..but it is all part and parcel of being in a family! All we need to do is give our parents a little time and hear to them when they require an ear as they as parents have always been to us by listening to all our incessant talks over the years!!

While being a parent they toil their lives out to make each and every day beautiful for their kids, in return to this when they become grandparents we need to allow them to enjoy the time with their loved and ever pampered grandkids. This is the least we can do as kids to our parents! Also it'll help our kids bond well with elders and youngsters with ease once they grow up.

The support and confidence that I have received from both my parents is immense even at difficult times like my post pregnancy depression or few times when my son fell sick or times when I myself felt sick and tired, I know they are always there to pull me out of it whatever be the situation! My sincere respects and heart felt gratitude to my parents and my in laws for making us feel home really as 'home sweet home'

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