Proud to be my mom's daughter
|   May 11, 2017
Proud to be my mom's daughter

Every girl sees a hero in her father and a role model in her mother!! I'm very much blessed to have parents who are the reasons for my every success 😊

Ever since I became a mom myself I have started appreciating my mom more than ever. The role she played in modelling my whole life. I'm their only child and she wanted me to have everything she missed due to various circumstances and reasons. I'm sure many mothers and daughters can relate to that!

Right from the day of my birth, lots of planning has been put through to bring me to this level today. She was my first teacher and made me love my school and hence inculcate discipline right from the beginning to ensure I get good education.

She had planned for my marriage since my childhood days by saving money and purchasing ornaments whenever possible and hence not overburdening themselves during marriage time. Although my dad is an accountant, at home accounts are managed mostly by my mom and it was done very efficiently!

My mom used to be my travel companion in my childhood and took me to many places as my dad was busy working our livelihood. She never made me feel empty of siblings or friends and used to play with me whenever required.

Her memory power in remembering the phone numbers and the placement of things in and around the house is mesmerising! There are many more such traits that I'm really proud of my stay at home mom who could have become something really big career wise if given an opportunity.. a big salute to my mom and many such moms who are the support systems of their children!

I take this opportunity to thank my mom for all that she has done and will continue doing for me and our family!! Love you mom 😘

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