The "marriage" saga that never ends...
|   May 13, 2017
The "marriage" saga that never ends...

Marriage is a ritual which brings two souls together and with that a whole plethora of things too.

First question is it going to be a love marriage or an arranged marriage. Both have their pros and cons! Mine was an arranged marriage. While my brother in law had a love marriage.

In love marriage, both people know each other earlier itself and the attraction is also existing among themselves while in arranged marriage attraction may or may not be there but knowing each other will happen gradually after the relationship nurtures.

Time plays a crucial role, it never waits for anyone rather we need to learn to adapt to the changing times! Few people prefer to get married at an early age while others prefer getting married at a later stage!

Choice also plays an important role, be it parents making the choice for their wards or individuals choosing their own partner. It should be noted that it is very difficult to find someone with the same taste as yours or completely opposite too!

Marriage is called as union of many things and hence should be treated like one to make it successful! It need not necessarily be half you or half me.. all it needs is "we". The thought process between the couple should have atleast 75% match and the rest should be decided accordingly.

Give and take policy should also be applied between each other. It applies to variety of subjects starting from respect to trust! I believe that sharing happiness and sadness together brings individuals more closer to each other.

It is a subject that requires no introduction or conclusion all it requires is being together and happy when it matters. Holding hands when required and equally giving some individual space when it matters.

Nobody can decode the success or failure to an institution such as marriage it all depends on the couple, their compatibility, likes and dislikes and in certain cases the circumstances they are put into!

Hope my small insight of this word has thrown some light and helped those who are already into it or for those who are looking forward to it! Stay happy as an individual first and automatically a couple becomes double happy. With this mantra let me finish this blog!

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