From a father to his son
|   Apr 19, 2017
From a father to his son

Dear son,

You will be turning 11 next month. And then your phase of adolescence will start. So, before you embark on your journey from a teen to an adult, I would like to tell you a few things. I know I can tell these things to you personally, but chances are that you may not sit for a long time to hear them or even if you do, you may not remember most of it. So, I've decided that I'll write you a letter which you can read again and again and at your own time.

The first thing that I want you to learn is the value of money. I know that until now, your mom and myself have looked after all your needs and given you things accordingly. We have started giving you pocket money from this year onwards. So, anything else that you need other than school related things, you'll be using your pocket money. And how and where you want to use it is entirely your decision. Whether you want the latest Xbox or the latest smartphone or you want to eat out with friends or go to the movies; you save from the pocket money and use it. You may feel that your parents are very strict, but believe me it will help you in the long run. And consider yourself very lucky that you have that privilege of getting pocket money, because when we were teens we never had that privilege. Our parents have struggled a lot to make us what we are today.

Secondly, I want to tell you something about being independent. In the coming years, you will keep demanding us to give you independence to do what you want. And we surely will. You don't have to demand it. It's your right. But, if you want to be independent in the real sense then you should also learn to do your things on your own. Learn to iron your clothes, pack your lunch box, keep your dirty clothes in the laundry bag, learn to cook. You should know atleast a few basic things like making tea/coffee, noodles and deep frying those ready to eat stuff. If you do your things on your own, we too, wouldn't mind giving you a bit of freedom. It's a two way thing; you give and you get.

Thirdly, follow your dreams, son. You will realise in the upcoming years, where your heart lies, what your passion is. Feel free to follow your passion. You just need to reach out to us. We will help you and guide you in achieving your dreams. Sometimes, things may not go your way, but don't worry. Don't give up. Remember, you just need to reach out to us.

And last but not the least; you will undergo a lot of physical, emotional and hormonal changes. One day you will feel absolutely useless, on the second day you may feel fine. Sometimes you may feel rebellious, sometimes your friends may be more important to you than us. You will want your privacy. We understand that. You will experience different changes in your early, mid and late adolescent years. All this is normal. As much as these teen years are new to you, they are for us too. We too, will be parents to a teen for the first time. We will be trying our best to make this phase easy for you. You need to give it your best too. Remember to reach out always. 

Looking forward to meeting a charming and mature young adult.

Your best friend,


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