Lights, camera, Action!!
|   Feb 16, 2017
Lights, camera, Action!!

It was mycity4kids 'funny home videos' competition. After the first round was over, and after seeing a number of hilarious videos, I thought to give it a try with my kids too and I wanted to try my photography and shooting skills as well.

So, I started with the shooting.

Whenever I got the chance.

I shot my younger son playing with the doll!    (yes, both my son's love playing with dolls, and I'm proud of them!) He was having loads of fun trying to pull off the dolls nose! So, very very discreetly I pulled out my phone and started taking a video. But looking at him playing, I just burst out laughing. And he stopped playing and began crawling towards me to grab my phone. Attempt 1 failed!

On another day, my elder son was practising for his fancy dress competition in school. I had made him a 'toothpaste'. As he was saying his lines, I again pulled out my phone and started the video. But, my extremely smart son realised what I was doing, and he stopped speaking. He removed his costume, started giggling and simply ran away! Then, no amount of my cajoling could make him repeat his act. Attempt 2 failed!

A third time, I started shooting both of them playing together, the elder one riding his tricycle and the younger one creeping behind him to catch the pedal of the cycle. And how the elder one screamed at that was simply awesome! A priceless expression! And looking at them, I forgot that I was taking a video and kept my phone aside! Attempt 3 failed!

Then, I took a video of my younger son, when he suddenly started laughing when my husband was trying to change his diaper! He must be thinking 'what a golden opportunity to pee and poop on my papa now!'

I took videos of everyone at home; left, right and centre; during those 6-7 days. 

What a wonderful experience it was!! I must have shot atleast 15-20 videos, but none of them were competition worthy.  Yes, but I did get a bank of incomplete videos that my entire family had a blast watching! 

And I'm going to preserve this collection to show them to my kids when they are older.

Thank you mycity4kids for this wonderful opportunity. I would have never so sincerely and regularly taken videos of my kids. But with this competition, I now have a lovely collection. And I have considerably improved my photography skills!! ;-)

Thank you once again!!

Happy reading! ! 

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