How i welcomed my Baby Shizon
|   May 07, 2016
How i welcomed my Baby Shizon

Like all couples, we decided to plan a baby after 1.5 yrs of marriage, till I adjust in my new family & with the family members...specially with karan. Planning a child is not a easy task. You have to be responsible. We were more like friends,& not husband wife. We needed time to know each other, likes dislikes etc. 1 yr passed , we went for a romantic holiday before going for a baby. It was all going with the flow...suddenly from two days, i felt like i am getting fat n now the day came in the morning, I took the pregnency test n my heart just sank with the two pink lines. I cudnt control my self from smiling n I just went to karan n shown the strip. It was like kya mil gaya ho. Gradually we told our family members. 

All were so happy, calling themselves dadi, nani, mamu. We named our lil bundle of joy as ' shizon' we used to talk to the baby calling as shizon, irrespective of wheather it wud be gal or boy. 

5 months passed by, now we can recognise my baby bump. All mausi's n neighbours started guessing n asking questions, wheather i like sweet or salty food, n which syd ih heavy... To guess the gender of the baby. 

Towards the end of the 5th month, there was a small drop of blood. We rushed to gynaecologist and she told me that my placenta is down and that I needed bed rest or else they will have to operate me. There was silence in the house. I was restricted from going for walks and junk food. It was difficult but I was fine as long as the baby was fine.

By the end of 6 th month , again n this tume 3 drops of blood, now the docter have to rest or else i have to admit you till your duedate.

I was not even allowed to come out of room, karan's badi mummy told me not to take even shower, it will cause pressure on baby as we take standing shower. My servant used to take care of my whole room n mother in law used to lightup dia for the well being of my baby n me.

As i was banned to go newehere, daily i used to call mummy papa bhaiya bhabhi, plz come n meet me. It was used to like a party every whole family used to come n sit with for hours n hours for distracting my mind. 

When i used to feel low, karan just used to touch the tummy n tell shizon that plz take care of urself n ur mommy, n a kick comes out in response, from that day shizon n papa made a special bond with each other. 

Those 3 crucial months passed n now doc said you are free to go anywhere....just walk n eat what ever u was like coming out of jail. Me n karan n shizon ofcourse used to dance every night on our favourite 'bapu zamindaar' song.

By the end of 9 th month, I got various false contractions in long comes the horryfying nite ...15 aug ... After my pre maternity shoot n kite flying ....the whole nite was day was very uneasy. I dint talk to nebody n everybody in the family was noticing that, i called my mom...she was going to my cousins phoence home for a ritual, so i she coudn't able to talk to me....i called her 3 times in 3 hrs n we cudnt talk...i wanted to say her that ' plz mumma mere paas ajao, aaj kuch accha nai lag rha' . I was talking to my friend mehak n while talking went to washroom....there was again heart again sank. I called karan n started crying , he said just rush to docter. Bhaiya bhaiya came to pick me , myMIl n my sis in law. It was a terrible momment.

N then the internal chekups started...most horryfying in the whole pregnency process. I was admitted with 3 drips n green coloured gown with a peticot, i was so fat that xxl size petcot had to be brought from the market right away. 

Everybody was there but my eyes were searching only for my husband n kept yelling for him again n again. He just came n hugged my tight n tears roll down from my eyes. My mom n papa left the ritual in between n rushed to me. The pains started increasing min by min. I was holding my mother in law's hand n pressing her so tight to avoid screaming.

After every ten min, a nurse comes, do the internal checkup n checking the baby's heartbeat. Then Docter came n my broke my water, it was so melesses up n dirty. 

It was around 7 pm, now i started crying badly nscreaming . I gave up the idea of normal delivery n begging for a c-sec. Everybody was shocked n got tensed. All started talking to each other for what to do. My gynac said, we can have normal delivery n but it may take 10 hrs also. I thought i will die if ill left like this. My mom, bhabhi n Karishma started crying. I begged them plz understand my situation, ill die...the main dilemma was that i was about to operate by my docter's daughter , as my Gyenac was not in town.

Finally everybody agreed, the nurse came n changed my cloths n shifted me to strecher. My goin to OT, i requested to meet my husband once. He came to me, he was crying a lot.....that showed for a moment his eternal for me and got to know that moment that i already have a Baby. His eyes were blood red n everybody was crying hard n there sister, bhabhi, daughter, daughter in law n wife was going for a big operation. My mother in law wanted for a normal delivery but it was getting impossible for me. My Brother is a tough Guy, but on that furious day...he was helpless, consolling me that everything will be fine, we are with you.

OT was like a haunted house. The Anesthetics was distracting my mind by sweet conversation n telling me the whle procedure of c-sec. I was laid down on bed. Then the process started for welcoming my shizon. My lower was geting numb slowly n i was told to relax n sleep. The anesthetics told me to remind me of my god. 

Suddenly in 10 min, a voice came, Baby shizon was crying.I was so blank that i didnt even asked anything.Then a huge happy voice came of my papa n karan, gave a hint that the baby is fine. Docter said hanumanji paida kiya hai tumne...bilkul tumhare jaisa pyara or gora chitta hai. That moment, was like i am on seventh cloud. Everybody was so happy nmaking calls to all relatives n friends for the good news. 

Since i. Had c-sec, i cudnt get up, so i told to keep shizon on my bed with me so that i can feel his warmth. 

This is the beautiful story of my shizon baby ' now'  Reyan' . 

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