#StopJudging. Step into my boots before you criticize me
|   Mar 09, 2017
#StopJudging. Step into my boots before you criticize me

"You are a woman and despite that you are afraid of giving birth to a girl?? If your first born had not been a boy, you would have planned your second child long ago."
Yes, this is how I am judged by the other women around me for not having a daughter as if it's a crime to have only one child and that too a boy.

 My son is 8 year old and I don't want a second baby. My first born is a boy and there is nothing I could or wanted to do about it. He is an angel of a kid and I love him as much as I would have loved my daughter, had God blessed me with one. There are a myriad reasons why I don't plan a second child. It's a well thought out decision that I have made after taking into consideration a lot many things and circumstances. 

So, once and for all 

"Listen women(in general and those in my relations), stop judging me as its my life and I owe you no explanations for the way I live it and for the choices that I make. Go, get a life. Why should I shout from rooftops that I, too, would have loved to have a daughter, that I don't despise girls???"
Alexander Pope was right when he said, 
" A little knowledge is a dangerous thing." 
It's very true of women who raise a brow when I talk of feminism. Well, I don't understand what makes them form the opinion that I can not be a feminist if I have no daughter.
Folks, feminism is not synonymous with Men Hating. Do not misinterpret feminism by associating it with hatred towards menfolk. Feminism is about no gender discrimination. Its about giving no undue privilege to any gender be it Male or Female.
I haven't been blessed with a daughter and still  I am a Feminist.

I am a feminist in the sense that I don't judge other women for their choices or decisions and in the same way I hate being judged for my choices or  decisions.

I am a feminist because I am trying my best to raise my kid in such a way that he understands what it is to be Equal. His little heart is really compassionate and he empathizes with all living beings. 

I am proud Mom of an adorable son who , one day soon, will not only understand what it means to be a feminist but will become one in true sense of the word.

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