How motherhood changes a woman's life irreversibly
|   Jul 25, 2016
How motherhood changes a woman's life irreversibly

Parenting is hard, exhausting and extraordinarily limit-testing. It is a sort of endeavor that forces you to reconcile your worst self with your best self, often multiple times a day. After those nine months of carrying a baby in your womb, you are expected to automatically identify with the role of a mother, that requires utmost patience and sacrifice.

Motherhood is often sold as a natural and effortless thing that comes from within, the moment you give birth to your baby. But surprisingly it is not so easy. Initial months of trying to understand your own baby, struggle to come out of that mental trauma of going through labor and having given birth to a tiny creature, those physical wounds and so much more only adds up to postpartum depression.

When I look at myself in front of the mirror, at first I see my most ugly side. I miss my old self. Perfectly manicured nails, sorted hair, stylish clothes and a carefree life. But then I keep staring and I see a new ME, someone who is more loving, caring and selfless than ever before. I wouldn't say that it makes me forget my old self but then I don't regret the present.

As time passes, you figure out and the love, admiration and commitment to your child outweighs the hard stuff. Everything you gave up to become a mother, might come back to you eventually but the way you will look at it, shall change forever. For example, it derails a woman professionally. One day when you shall be going in for a important business meeting, all you will be thinking of, will be your baby's sweet smell. However decisive you may be at work but you will always second-guess yourself as a mother.

An every day attempt to make your child smile and give him/her the best will transform you into a beautiful soul. The taste of joy of raising your child is so real that it actually hurts at times.

Enjoy parenting, relive your childhood!

Cheers :)

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