3 Steps to "Build a Self-Esteem of your Child"
|   May 09, 2017
3 Steps to "Build a Self-Esteem of your Child"

One of the most important gifts a Parent can give to his child is the "Building of the self-esteem of a child"

Building of self-esteem is neither a quick nor an easy process. For building the self-esteem of a child it takes years and consistence love and care.It is an ongoing and a continuous process.

Self-confidence, Self-belief and Self-image coming together makes a self-esteem of a child.

As a parent it becomes our responsibility to provide the environment to nurture the qualities self-image, self-confidence and self–belief to be happy and successful in life.

Our child needs our steady and constant support and encouragement to discover these strengths and build his self-esteem.

We need to ensure that our child knows that we believe in him, love him and care for him so he should believe in himself.

We can build self-esteem of our child by praising our child, it helps in building self-confidence of a child.

But remember the praise should be genuine and a real one because over praising does not  help.

Rather than making a child  feel as “Prince or Princess” it’s always better to share real picture with your child about his qualities and areas of improvements so that he/she knows where he needs to work and grow

Continuously and genuine appreciation helps in building the self confidence

Sit with your child, play with your child 

Enjoy their talks and love the way their speak

Laugh with them, talk with them

Discuss about their favorite program or cartoons

When we spend quality of time with our kids, on our busy days kids understands importance of our time and let us do our work.

WHO – that is World Health organization have identified 10 important points in the learning and development of a child and the most important among the all is self-respect which means loving oneself

Child needs to believe in himself.

When we spend quality time and many times  quantity of time we spend is also very important to make a strong bond with your child. By listening to their stories,praising on accomplishments,Value their opinions, Respect their decisions

Letting then try different things without worrying about failure, continuous encouragement

Making them realize that we are always there to support them no matter what.

Accepting the child the way he is; without putting any expectations

Let them to take their own decisions

Telling self-stories of not only of our achievements, but also where we struggled so that they can understand that there is nothing bad in failure and trying new things

This will help the child to take decisions independently and at the same time seeking your help in need


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