Are you Punishing or Teaching?
|   May 05, 2017
Are you Punishing or Teaching?

Best way to Discipline children: Punishment or Teaching?

What is Punishment?

Punishment is inappropriate use of words or language which is harsh, unreasonable, violent or harmful.

Corporal Punishment is hitting, slapping, or punching or hurting children emotionally as well as physically

Question is why do parents punish children?

Parent punish children because punishment gives immediate short term results that seem to be effective

Parents are not sure what else could be done in such situations

Parents fear of losing authority.They feel that if they are not tough enough they will lose control over their kids.

Because no one taught them the other way

Negative effects of Punishment

  • Punishment affects the way children think about themselves.
  • They don’t feel good about themselves after being punished
  • It can generate the feeling of revenge against the person who punished them
  • Punishment damages the relationships between parents and their children
  • Children may want to avoid parents altogether
  •  Life can become constant battle between parents and children.

If one punishment doesn’t work, parents often try a harsher one; and it escalates to higher levels.

Then what is the best way to teach kids?

Is it really possible to teach kids in a way that they understand and without feeling hurt.

Yes, definitely we can make our child understand his/her mistake without feeling bad about it.

If we try to follow these 7 Steps surely we can have a relationship 

Step 1 - Be specific – let your children known exactly where they need to change

Step 2-Be Responsive – make them understand about the side effects of their behavior

Step 3-Concrete –give them clear examples how o improve in future

Step 4-Always use positive  words–help them to be in control of their actions by using positive words

Step 5-Be Interactive –give them chance to share their point of view about their behavior 

Step 6-Be Informative – share and discuss with them the appropriate way be behave in such situations

Step 7-Initiate sharing and discussion

    Importance of Sharing and Discussion 

    • build self-confidence
    • teaches kids to get along well with others
    • learn skills to make their own decisions
    • understand what they did right and why they should continue or where they need to correct themselves

    Sharing and Discussion have many long term benefits if you are pleasant , firm consistent and able to give clear messages.

    Happy Parenting to you!

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