How over a course of time Parenting became a task rather than enjoyment?
|   Apr 25, 2016
How over a course of time Parenting became a task rather than enjoyment?

How Parenting became a task rather than enjoyment over a period time ?

There has been remarkable difference in parenting during past and now.

Historical Change
In old times kids used to work in farms , factories ,mills and mines and earn money. Kids were economical assets for their parents as source of income.
Parents used to provide food, shelter and clothing for a child and in return child worked and earn income ...

Progressive Era
During the course of time it was discovered that every kid have some basic rights , so there came a movement of ban on child labour and now focus was on education. Now, school became a new work for a child.
Parents got confused : now they were providing everything to child and getting nothing in return.
Result :
Parent took charge over their kids life and started taking decision on their behalf’s . They became authorities and child was no more independent

Modern Era
Parents identified that only schooling won’t work, child need to do some extracurricular activities to be more successful.
With this parents has to work even more harder, not only in term of fulfilling the financial requirements of a child but also take out time from the busy schedule in checking homework , pick and drop from various extracurricular activities.
Result :
Parents started multitasking(specially mothers) , and now instead kids working for parents, parents stared working for kids.
Expectation increases from a child.
The stress level of a child and a parent increase (as parent are putting everything (financial , mental and physical energy) for a better future of their child.

Meaning of parenting changes it became stressful rather than joyful.

What could be the possible solution ?
In the course of raising our child from an infant to a teenager we start pursuing so many things for their success.
We start running in a race without knowing about its endpoint.
We need to sit and relax and answer these questions
Q1 ) Are we on the right track?
Q2) Or there need to be some changes ?
Q3) Everything a child is doing is important for his success or even a lesser will do ?
And the most important question is:
Q4) Is my child really Happy with what he is doing or just running in race which doesn’t lead to anywhere
Once you get the answers to these questions you are on the right track.
Happy Parenting to you!

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