How to Raise a Confident Child?
|   Apr 19, 2017
How to Raise a Confident Child?

A Confident child is a every Parents dream.

Everyone want their child to be confident.

Some children are born confident and some are not as confident.

And the Good news is that,the quality of confidence is a very learn-able quality.

If we follow 7 Simple Steps explained in the video and implement them.We can help a child not only to boost his  self -confidence but also his  self-image  and a self esteem 

The 7 Steps are :

1) Make them Work - they will feel valuable 

2) Inculcate the habit of finishing work - What their start should finish 

3) Set Rules for them - They need your support and guidelines 

4) Praise them - But don't Over praise - let them know the real facts 

5) Let them take their own decision - allow them to make small-small decisions 

6) Keep your words - Never break your promise 

7) Respect them for who they are - Let them be who they are 

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