One minute happiness vs bribe. JUST THINK!
|   Apr 25, 2016
One minute happiness vs bribe. JUST THINK!

One Minute Happiness Vs bribe JUST THINK!

Are you rewarding or bribing a child ?

How to understand the difference between a bribe and a reward?

As a parent it is very important for us to understand the difference between bribe and a reward.

In simple words Bribery occurs when rewards are given for inappropriate behavior

On a Sunday afternoon Radha invited her office friends for lunch at her place. It was a hot summer day clock was ticking for12:30 pm, after completing all cooking work and settling  house in a ready mode it was almost the time for her friends to come. Suddenly, Radha realized she forgot to bring sweet dish for her friend, her husband was out of town for office work, she herself has to go all the way to supermarket along with his 5 years old son Rohan to buy ice-cream. Rohan was little cranky to go out in the sun, but Radha somehow convinced him to go along with her. Radha was busy in buying the stuff and Rohan pulled her dress and asked for a toy train. Radha told “Rohan we are in hurry and I don’t have so much of money will buy some other time”. Rohan started crying loudly in the supermarket and pulling her continuously for the toy train. Radha became conscious as everyone started looking at her because of Rohan behavior. Time was 1pm and her friends might be almost there at her home, She was very upset with Rohan’s miss behavior, as didn’t understand what to do as Rohan was not at all listening to her.

Radha told “OK now stop crying , take this candy bar and chocolates and stop crying”.

What was this scenario about

Giving a child a candy bar when he's crying and screaming in a supermarket in order make him quite is a bribe.

Why do parents bribe?

Parents feel forced to do anything to stop the child's negative behavior " OK you have a candy, just stop crying" 

Result :

Child stops crying

Outcome :
The child has been rewarded for being brat.

Consequences :
The child has been bribed and wants another bribe before acting appropriately.

Solution :
Because the act is negative, so it can't be encouraged. The possible solutions could be
If you behave like this your play time or TV time will be cut short.
Or your pocket money will be deducted

Warning :
Don't say things which you are actually not going to do, else the game is lost.


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