Oh Womaniya....
|   Mar 08, 2016
Oh Womaniya....
few words after a long while.......

In the country we live and admire
A girl's birth is still not anyone's desire
from birth to ages she live....
All she does is to give....
Give parents the warmth and understanding
Give husbands some joys overwheming
Give kids her heart and soul
she is just best in every role

I have learnt a lesson throughout my life
'give and take ' for all is we strife
to every mom and every wife
move your steps and don't hide
You are a woman ...dignified and full of pride
Live every moment for yourself keeping others aside!

you are the creators , sent from heaven above...
to spread cheer, warmth and love
i know it is not that easy it is tough
hold on your inner strength and determination
potray on...your imagination
you are the best in handling any situation...
Be it project home to handle
Or to solve some mysterious scandal
You are the one who did it all..
With perfection and ease
If you decide no one can tease...

So come together and hold hands
to show the world what you can 
As a woman ..and as a human...!!!!!

Happy women's day all the wonderful ladies !

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