Hubby - You are my Life Support System
|   Jan 08, 2017
Hubby - You are my Life Support System

It all began with an alliance sent by my massi & then voidness of life was over forever. There was just love in the air. Ten months of courtship period. Long talks, office bunks everything was just new and fresh. Then came the D-Day and two soulmates knotted tie and committed to be together. 

We were blessed with our bundle of joy a baby boy after almost one year of our wedding. Giving birth to a baby was more tougher for me than a normal woman. Huge complication, deteriorated health all added to the  misery. My Hubby was always there for me. Ready with morning tea, soaked almonds and medicines all were taken care of in the best manner by him. 

But life is not all about day dreaming. It brings its share of sorrows and challenges too. Fights amongst us was common. It was little more than a normal husband-wife's fight. Things turned bad when our relationship was impacted by suspicion imposed by external elements in our lives living very near to us.

We both tried to sort the things but marks were always there. With my open-arms and generous heart, I accepted biggest of changes in my life. Only because I love him more than anything, more than my ego (read: self-respect) too.

He was there when my mom needed him most i.e. during her illness and that touched the core of my heart. He supported me in taking up job and stand on my feet gracefully. Although he sometimes get irritates and taunts me that I give more importance to my work than him. But truly, he supports me way long in numerous things that are not even worth mentioning.

My sister's wedding ended to be a fairy tale. Thanks to my hubby for being a financial, emotional and social support system for you. You are the best son to your parents & parent in-laws; best jiju, best brother & best father to our kid..Now you got why I call him my Life Support System....

Deepika Kapoor

Proud w/o Hanish Kapoor

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