6 Reasons Why I Highly Recommend Meditation for Mommies!
|   Jun 16, 2016
6 Reasons Why I Highly Recommend Meditation for Mommies!

For a long time I had been thinking about treating myself with small luxuries like meditation. Being a mommie is never easy. In my capacity of a mother, I have always managed to push pampering myself to the last on the priority list. I had been procrastinating this for a long time. But when I realized that one of my office buddies is a regular with Meditation, it got me thinking! Seeing her positive approach made me promise myself to get started with it soon. Last week we received out paychecks and soon after we locked our plans for the weekend. She is an Osho devotee so I was pretty sure I was going to get the best of meditation lessons.

Thus we enrolled ourselves in the Ashram-I for one night and she for two nights. We checked in late night, so I waited excitedly for the meditation mystery to unravel itself the next morning. And when it did, I was in for a pleasant and soulful surprise. I am sharing my personal experiences with you here and listing the top five reasons why I highly recommend meditation for every mother!

Benefits of Meditation that I have felt in a short span of time include:

1. Peace & Tranquility

I haven't felt even half as much at peace with myself in the last eight years of my marriage as much as I felt after my first class of gibberish meditation. I had my apprehensions at the beginning of two hour long class, however, towards the end of the session, I wanted time to freeze so that I could capture my lost peace forever. Such was the tranquility and magnetism that I felt! It was then that I realized if a woman is not at peace with herself she feels trapped and is unable to concentrate on everything including her kids. I felt amazingly calm from within and thus mommies urge you to explore meditation to bring yourself that much awaited peace in no time.

2. Clarity of Thoughts

I am highly impulsive by nature and mostly do things as per my own wish sometimes without giving any thought at all. Though there is nothing wrong being this way but as a mother of two kids, I should be able to contain my impulses and drives. A mother has to consider lot many scenarios to make sure she doesn't end up passing wrong lessons to her kids. That evening I went to buy some souvenirs from the gift store in the Ashram and was thrilled with books and CDs all around. Needless to say, I wanted to pack all of them! But as strange as it may sound, I was able to control my shopping urges efficiently. In the end, I purchased only three pieces of wall decorations and those were something I had been been looking for a long time. Those decorations now adorn the wall of my room! Had it not been for meditation, I would have ended shopping everything available there without any consideration.

3. Control Over Emotions

While still at the Ashram, I happened to notice that one diamond has gone missing from my ring. I was shocked and wanted to scream my lungs out! I wanted to cry and let the whole world know about my loss. Instead I looked at my ring, and thought about void left behind by the lost diamond, with regret but pacified myself instantly. I was amazed at my transformation. I realized that one day of meditation had left a long lasting soothing impact on my emotional well being. I was able to manage my emotions without putting in too many efforts. I believe, a mother should learn to control and manage her emotions and going forth I should see a tremendous change in my behavior while dealing with my kids, all thanks to meditation.

4. Inner Strength

After coming back home from a day long meditation session, I certainly am feeling stronger than ever. I have started meditating for 20 minutes every day since then and am definitely feeling lot more powerful. A mother should be strong enough to withstand unforeseen, unwarranted and unprecedented events and situations for the well being of her kids and I think I now am better equipped to deal with any unwelcome situations in the future. 

5. Positivity

Ever since my meditation classes, I am feeling more positive than before. This certainly is a good sign because a mother should always be positive and have a positive approach towards life. Kids tend to learn from parents without actually them ever letting them know about the same. So ain't it good if my kids learn to share a positive outlook towards life? Yeah, definitely!

6. Stress Buster

Meditation is one of the readily available stress busters! Yes, I have never felt so comfortable venting out my frustration and stress as much as I now feel relaxed post a 20-minute meditation session everyday. It releases my stress and I feel relaxed like never before. Unless you ladies try it for yourself, it would be hard for you to believe me just the way I refused to believe anyone until now!

My first experience with Meditation was beyond expectation! It was nothing short of spellbinding and soul purifying! I highly recommend meditation for all you mommies out there!

Thank you for your patience and valuable time. Appreciate your feedback and comments!

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