Life Lessons from Indian Paralympic Team with Double Dose of Courage From Rio!
|   Sep 17, 2016
Life Lessons from Indian Paralympic Team with Double Dose of Courage From Rio!

Sitting in my couch, I sometimes wonder What If I had tried, life would be different today. Despite being physically fit, I do at times procrastinate tasks only to look back in regret and think If Only I had tried!

However, as the news about Indian Paralympic Team winning us laurels is making a splash, I am deeply shaken. Looking at these paralympic athletes I can't control the tears of joys. Each time I hear about their wondrous feats, I close my eyes in respect and take a bow in honor of their everlasting dedication, devotion and determination.

The likes of Mariyappan Thangavelu– GOLD in High Jump, Varun Bhati– BRONZE in High Jump, Deepa Malik- SILVER in Shotput and Devendra Jhajharia- GOLD in Javelin Throw do certainly give us a new hope and perspective to live our lives with pride and dignity.

The worth of their medals is much more than just a piece of honor. In true sense these medals are symbolic of a triumph, which wasn't easy to accomplish. Their achievements stand testimony to the fact that nothing is unscalable as long as you have the will to follow your dreams, chase it earnestly and pursue it with passion!

While the likes of you and me, in full glory of our egos, miss no opportunity to brush people with disabilities aside, ignore their existence and laugh at their dreams. Interestingly, today super brave, highly motivated and enormously talented people from the same crowd have given us more than one reason to hold our head highs on a global stage.

Every single paralympic athlete who is participating at Rio has a few life lessons for us. I take this opportunity to salute their unflinching fortitude and take home a few learning lessons including:

#1. Disability is Just a Word

Every single paralympic athlete has done the unthinkable. They have broken the shackles and stereotypes associated with the word DIABILITY and proved to the world with aplomb that is is just a word, nothing more!

#2. Determination is not Just a Word

These paralympic athletes have taught me the real meaning of the word DETERMINATION. Their grit and steadfastness is enough to demonstrate how 'determination' can alter the course of your destiny and for good!

#3. It's All in The Mind

Diability, what's that? These athletes make a strong point that 'it's all in the mind.' Disability is all in the mind and if your mind is strong enough, it overpowers your physical disability with poise and you come out shining like a beacon star.

#4. Courage is Mightier

There is nothing mightier in the world than the courage to scale the odds. True indeed, if you have the courage as your armor, you can win endless battles irrespective of whether these wars are to fought with your own thoughts or the taunts and discouragements from the world outside.

#5. NO If Only/What If only YES I Can/I Will

When you shed your inhibitions about your own self confidence you can go places. By simply changing your attitude from If Only/What If to YES I Can/I Will makes a whole lot of a difference. Instead of sitting back and cribbing about the results, going out and giving it a try without the fear of results truly demarcates an extraordinary from the mundane & a winner from the crowd!

Salutations to the Indian Contingent comprising:

Mariyappan Thangavelu, Varun Singh Bhati, Sharad Kumar, Rampal Chahar, Sundar Singh Gurjar, Devendra Jhajaria, Rinku, Narender Ranbir, Sandeep, Amit Kumar Saroha, Dharambir, Naresh Kumar Sharma, Suyash Narayan Jadhav, Basha Farman, Ankur Dhama, Virender Dhanka, Pooja, Deepa Malik and Karamjyoti Dalal.

Thank you for your patience and valuable time. Appreciate your feedback and comments!

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