Suicide is never an alternative, only a terrible choice!
|   Apr 05, 2016
Suicide is never an alternative, only a terrible choice!

I was in a no-network zone over the last weekend and wasn't aware of the alleged suicide of Pratusha Banerjee or better still the small town girl who rose to fame with her portrayal of a grown up Anandi in the popular fiction-drama Balika Vadhu. She became a household name with her groundbreaking role as a child bride with a strong grit and determination who rises up against all odds to achieve her dreams. The whole nation fell prey to her innocent charm and her iron will as somewhere deep down we found an instant connect with her message and moral. However, I was shocked to learn of her untimely death and was disturbed by the thought. Ever since I have been pondering over that how could a 24 year old successful girl consume her own life? All this while, I had been assuming that she was convinced of her role and that is how she managed to portray it so beautifully on-screen. Alas! That was not be. The girl who once became our idol unfortunately succumbed to the glaring limelight and the blazing pressures of the tinsel town.

Nevertheless, her death has not only left me puzzled but alarmed too. As a mother, I have been teaching my kids the mantras to succeed and the mannerism to savor their success. But how many times have I sat with them to sensitize them about enduring the dark and dull phases caused by failures? This is a question that I wish to ask all you parents out there. I personally feel a deep shock within at her death and am determined to teach a few life lessons to my kids about success and failure. It is high time we come to the rescue of our kids now than sitting and repenting later down the line. No matter how depressed one feels, taking away ones own life is criminal! Depression is a phase and medical attention is good enough to pull you out of its dark pit.

Taking cues from her case, I have decided to impart these lessons to both my kids:

#1. Life is beautiful. No matter how high or low you feel, always remember that you have only one life to live. Hence your goal should be to strive to make the best of it.

#2. You should neither take success nor failure to heart as both are temporary and don't stick along for too long.

#3. Success and Failure may come in patches like day and night and may take turns to illuminate and darken your lives.

#4. Staying positive is the only key to lead a peaceful life. You should take success as an experience and maintain calm and failure as a lesson and maintain sanity.

#5. Being ambitious is absolutely fine however, over zealousness can have long lasting and harmful impact on ones physical, emotional and mental well being. Thus one must never cross that line of fire.

#6. It is important to share secrets and hence maintaining a confidant to pour over your heart is imperative. Happy or dark, make sure you share your secrets and seek advice from that soul-buddy whenever necessary.

#67. Don't ever get too depressed to think about consuming you own life. Remember, your life is not yours alone and there is always someone waiting for you at home!

#8. Instead of escaping stress choose to fight it back with a renewed vigor. Maintain a healthy lifestyle to keep stress at bay forever!

#9. Don't ever compare your failures with the success of your peers. It is not worthy to belittle yourself when you have given it an earnest try.

#10. Rather than whining about I-Wish-I-Had-Tried get up and try. Irrespective of the results, give it your best shot.

#11. Don't ever forget the law of the nature- CHANGE IS THE ONLY PERMANEMT LAW!

#12. Whenever you are feeling low, don't plunge yourself in more darkness, instead indulge in a long forgotten or a favorite activity.

#13. There is always an amicable solution or a way-out to every problem-personal or professional, which exists.

#14. Never set failure at your personal relationship as the parameter to judge you overall. Don't ever let this thought push you to the brink.

#15. Just because you failed to maintain a personal relationship doesn't make you unsuccessful in your profession or other junctures in life.

#16. Let bygones be bygones and count your bliss.

#17. Smoking, alcohol and substance abuse doesn't take away your pain, it only pushes you into a never ending deep dark pit of unhappiness and depression.

#18. Learn to live in the present to enjoy every minute of your existence. Don't ever let your past hound you or future distract you!

#19. When you are emotional weak, feel wrecked, can't take the burden of life anymore and feel suicidal, you know you need medical help. There is nothing wrong with taking medical advise so long as it helps you feel better.

#20. Suicide is no alternative. Your life is precious and I have endured physical and emotional trauma to bring you to this world. You owe this life to me!

Thank you for your patience and valuable time. Appreciate your feedback and comments!

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