Three Cheers for Motherhood, How Many for Fatherhood? Time to Acknowledge Doting Daddies!
|   Jan 07, 2017
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Three Cheers for Motherhood, How Many for Fatherhood? Time to Acknowledge Doting Daddies!

Being a parent is a huge responsibility, which ushers in irreversible changes in the lives of both husband and wife. Change is inevitable and the only permanent law. However, accepting change is the hardest thing ever! There is no denying that it takes enormous amount of convincing to accept the same. I believe more than the change, it is the transition of change that makes it difficult to move on. Worse still is the fact that change may or may not bring with it the results that you imagined. Most times, transitioning might not suit your convenience, desires and schedules. One such change, which is terribly hard to accept is being a parent. Irrespectively, parenthood is a beautiful journey and should be enjoyed with an open mind and a peaceful heart!

Mommies can you recall your emotions when you learned about your first pregnancy? Daddies what thought crossed your mind when you realized you are going to be a first time dad in the next few months? I can vividly recall the time when I learned of my pregnancy. My first reaction was a WOW! On the contrary, my husband looked worrisome when I broke the news to him. In fact he went into a tizzy and switched to let-me-think-mode. It was only after the confirmation from the hospital report that the two of us smiled together and allowed the news to sink it!

It's interesting to see that modern-day daddies are more aware of their parenting responsibilities and have no qualms in executing their parenting duties. My husband is a typical example of a hands-on dad. Gone are the days when parenting was a gender-specific job. Today, dads are as good and caring as moms. They are highly involved with their babies, baby care included! However, there is a certain section of fathers who still believe parenting is the primary responsibility of a woman. Reaffirming this fact, I would like to share the survey results conducted by Nielsen in association with Pampers. Some revelations:

#1. 90% Indian Moms want their husbands to be more involved in Baby Care.

#2. 88% Indian Dads believe that Baby Chores are primarily a Mom’s job.

#3. 88% Indian Mom also agree that their husbands hesitate to change diapers.


The outcome of this survey is indeed complex given that parents today have broken barriers and stereotypes for the larger good of their kids' upbringing. Nevertheless, this survey gives me yet another reason to appreciate and laud the sincerity & efforts of my husband towards our shared parenting habits/routine. I sure am the God's chosen one for he has been kind to bless me with a sensitive husband. My husband is brutally honest when it comes to our kids. He is outright and doesn't shy away from his share of parenting responsibilities. Within the two of us, we periodically switch roles between being a mommie-to-a-daddy to being a daddy-to-a-mommy. Thank God, he reiterates my faith in daddies being more voluntarily involved in baby care! I strongly believe this video is a reflection of our bond as parents!

Over the years, I have realized our kids are happier when the two of us are around them. No matter how hard we try, we are unable to substitute the other with our presence. Physically we are able to comfort them but emotionally our children feel secure with our joint presence. Hence the saying, it takes two to make a baby, why not two to raise the baby? In my case, fortunately, parenting is a joint exercise. Kids don't learn from what you teach them, they learn from your actions. Thus, having both parents around lends an edge to the kids to sharpen their learning capacities and be more active.

Having said that, I still prefer to give my husband that daddy-time with our kids. Their exclusive time is no less maddening but at least it seals an assurance that the young ones are happily enjoying their time with their father sans his badge of a stern parent!

Having said that, even doctors believe when both parents are actively involved in Baby Care, the baby develops better– cognitively and socially. While a whopping 97% opine 'both parents' must be involved for baby’s development, most dads find themselves caught on the wrong foot when asked to help clean baby poop. The uncomfortable sight of leaking diapers puts them off. Thus, they choose to abstain from baby 'poop' cleaning! Not anymore. Pampers Premium Care Pants offer the much needed convenience to dads to get involved in baby care. These soft, easy to pull pant style diapers come with 'Wetness Indicator.' Isn't it amazing that the diaper will alert you by changing its color to blue signaling the need to change it immediately!

Don't forget to share your papa-baby moments, which mirror your belief in joint parenting! All it takes is the hashtag #ItTakes2 and #Pampers on Facebook and you might get lucky and win a years supply of Pampers.

Thank you for your patience and valuable time. Appreciate your feedback and comments. 

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