Story of a Mother
|   Mar 23, 2016
Story of a Mother

It’s already midnight....most of the people would have slept by now except for some party animals, college students and those in love while I am continuously singing lullaby to my little girl in an effort to put her to sleep. Really, being a mom is like being a superwoman. You have to work all around the clock without even daring to get tired.The day I came to know that I am going to be a mother in a couple of months was the happiest day of my life. Like all other to be moms I was very excited and began preparations for arrival of the little one without having even a little idea that motherhood does not come alone. It brings with it loads of responsibilities, sleepless nights and tiring days. The day starts with the baby and never ends. Not only this, there are other concerns that come along like the changes my body will go through and how and when I will be able to resume my career. But believe me; all these thoughts took a back seat as soon as I saw her because if she can happen to me, other good things will also follow.

She looked so delicate and so lovely sleeping calmly in that pink wrap. She was much more beautiful than I had imagined. It seemed as an angel had descended from the heaven. Her one glimpse made me feel so much alive. I was overwhelmed and thanked god for being so kind. What else do I need now...just a couple of days to sleep:)

I started getting busy with her but somewhere in my mind I had this thought running in my mind that my life won't remain the same any more. Her smile made me smile and her crying made me feel miserable unless I found the reason and mend it. Being a mother, now I have realized how my mother would have felt when I was a kid.

Kids are wonderful miracles of God. They bring with them innumerable moments of love, joy and laughter. They teach you a lot and also make you realize so many things about life. They are innocent and don't pretend. They love you unconditionally and don't judge you by your looks. Whether you are short or tall, fat or thin, beautiful or not, their love for you is true and deep. They don't hide their feelings ever lest what consequences it may bring.

My little miracle has turned a year old. In just one year she has given us a tremendously big bag of sweet memories, laughter and overwhelming moments which I hope will continue to grow big.I never knew I will be so overwhelmed with someone sitting on her own, with someone standing on her own, with someone walking on her own and with someone calling me mamma. Yes I am talking about my little girl. Have you ever felt so happy by seeing somebody sitting, standing or walking? No, right but when your baby does it for the first time, then there is nothing like it. It is a moment of unmatched happiness. It is amazing how children turn even simplest of the things into special moments. There are times when I get tired and irritated but when she lovingly calls me mamma, then I feel myself on the seventh heaven. Kids are truly a miracle. Aren't they?

A year back she stepped into our lives.

I didn't realize because of her so many happy moments will thrive.

She is a small bucket full of love and endless fun.

She is the one who makes us whole day run.

And I wish her aura continues just like sun.

Her glowing face, her star like twinkling eyes

And that winning smile

She has made our lives so worthwhile

She is naughty but a darling too

And surely has a lot of style

She laughs

She frowns

She runs

She falls

She chuckles

She giggles

She plays

She complains

She hugs

She fights

She is jealous even if I hold a teddy tight

She remembers

She forgets and 

And above all she knows to forgive.

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