I don't need a special treatment
|   May 11, 2015
I don't need a special treatment
I don’t believe in the concept of celebrating women’s day. It’s not that I am not proud of being a woman but then I don’t understand that why we need to dedicate a day for celebrating us. For me it’s like saying that we are special and we need special treatment. No I am not special. I am a woman.
I don’t like it when men leave their seats for me. Neither am I very old nor do I have any physical challenges that men should be doing this for me. I really hate it when somebody offers me a helping hand while I am carrying my heavy luggage on the railway station. Dude, I know I had to carry it and I have packed my luggage accordingly. Thanks but no thanks. The idea of separate queues for women has never thrilled me. Yes, from the women safety point of view they are fine but then I am totally open to the idea of standing in the same queue as men and patiently wait for my turn to come.
All I need is a treatment that I deserve because of my deeds and not because of my gender. And all I do is to celebrate myself and not celebrate Women’s Day.It’s so ironical that we talk about women empowerment in a country where we worship Women Strength in the form of Goddess Durga. Somewhere during our evolution cycle we lost the key ingredient of our culture of treating men and women at par. We now advertise these concepts as our inventions. We have forgotten the fact that we were not given a choice of being a man or woman at the time of our birth. Then why should we take pride in claiming that we are woman. We should take pride in what have we made of ourselves. We should be proud of our contributions towards the society and above all we should be proud of our individuality, our identity.When we teach our young sons to respect women, we are unknowingly sowing the thoughts in their mind that women are different from men. They should be taught to respect human beings rather than respecting women. Sometimes, men around me try to shadow my achievements or may be their underachievement with the fact that I am a woman and so I would have got it easily but believe you me I had to put in extra efforts than any of the you men around to achieve my goal. So, please don’t try to steal my success under the pretext of my gender. It actually shows weakness of men.I really appreciate the reserved seat for the old people and the pregnant women in every coach of metro but why do we need 2 seats for women in every coach? Ladies first – Why? What have I done to get anything before men? Why do a man do needs to hold a door for a woman? Why do they need to pull a chair for us to sit? Why do they pay the food bill when we go out for lunch or dinners? You may call this as chivalry but then why this courtesy is mostly from men to women. We can open the doors for ourselves, we can pull our chair and we can pay for our food bill and we can do this for men as well.
I don’t avail the special offers that flood the market during Women’s day because I feel it degrades my identity. I don’t wait for ladies night and the discounted drinks which the clubs have on offer because I feel that somewhere these offers are making use of my identity rather than celebrating it.  I returned the certificate to my organization which I had received on Women’s day because I don’t need a proof of what I am and what I am capable of doing.Don’t treat me differently only because we are different by birth. Men and Women. Treat me differently because I deserve it. I don’t respect you or love you or hate you because you are a man. I respect you for your hard work, I love you for your sensitivity and I can hate you for any of the millions of things that you do. All I want is same treatment from you. Don’t love, respect or detest me because I am a woman.I understand that there is large part of women who are forced to live substandard life, girls who don’t even know how a school looks like, daughters who are not even allowed a life and are killed before they are born but then how this preferential treatment going to help them. They need more than a Women’s day to see the light of the day.

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