Worship me. I am the mom !
|   May 09, 2016
Worship me. I am the mom !

It was an amazing Mother's Day for me. I spoke with my maa, she always gets excited when I call her on mother's day :).

My son comes up to me pushing this huge box and says "mummy, this is your mother's day gift". I open it and see it filled with hundreds of toy cars, which were his. I was amazed..to which he replied "mama, this is your gift, you can take all my cars and play with them". I was so happy...I know how madly he loves his toy cars and automobiles...him gifting them to me is like....yeyyiie.

So all happy, and the day was nearing the end, till, I stumbled upon this Mother's day watsapp message sent by my MIL to my husband, which left me disgusted and quite offended. So I am sharing a few stanzas with you ladies...  This poem is in Hindi, and my comments can be read in English below the stanzas

 I can feel it already...I am drowning in it.
______      ___       ______    

Hmm...so far, so good.

______     ___      ______

 Aye...aye...go on.
______     ___     ______


.....yeah. why do you need 'ek sahaara'.? You have a husband who loves you,  your children who respect and love you, give in to all your needs and whims, "why do you need "bas ek sahaara'? Why do you think you are weak, helpless woman, who can't do without someone's support.

______       ____      ______

Yes, so every parent wants their children to be well educated, independent. Need we keep reminding them that we have sent them to school...we have done them a favour by spending money on their education. I personally couldn't understand last two lines of this stanza. :|

_______       ___     ______

 Ahem... why is love a 'rog' / disease? What's wrong with it? And should his heart belong only to the mother, and never anyone else...which means he should never find a mate for himself! And the girl who the guy falls in love with..why is she 'Ramkali' ? If you guys remember, old 70s and 80s movie...  'Ramkalis and Munnibais' then you know what I mean. Calling your son's girlfriends those names...is she a prostitute, because she dared love your son.    

 _______       ___     ______    

What kind of woman wrote this poem! A guy celebrating karva chauth with wife, isn't it a good thing? Why would a mother get jealous seeing her son happy with his wife!

_______      ___      _____

And who says that a wife doesn't do all this. I gladly, put his comforts before me, without even letting him know. And he does the same for me.

______   ____    _____

Please...give me a break. So, you have starved for your son, does that mean, you own him?

______    ___    _____

People like you should be put in museums, not temple.

_____    ___   _____

_____    ___    _____

"Worship me! I am the mom"

_____   ___    _____

I am sure my MIL didn't compose this poem, but by sending it to my husband on mother's day, quite distasteful.

There is nothing wrong when a mother expects love from her children. She deserves it. But expecting to be treated like God...reminding the children of all the sacrifices they have made.

And why oh why...someone tell me, do only boys have mothers...don't girls have them. Then why this pathetic poem addressed only to sons and not daughters? Why the daughters keeping karva chauth for their husbands is not questioned here ? But sons celebrating karva chauth is so heartbreaking for this mother.

And why is a girl in a role of a lover or wife, scorned by an MIL. Why shouldn't a boy fall in love with a girl and love his wife. Why do mothers feel they have lost their sons to another woman?

When will women like these come to term with the fact that their sons are human beings and individuals who have a life and the freedom to live it the way they want. Your son will love you always and care for you, but please don't question his love for his wife. His wife has left a family behind who loved her, to be with your son, start a family with him. She deserves as much love as you do.

This vicious cycle needs to break. A wife who marries a man who happens to be a mama's boy or dictated by his mother, can never ever freely love his wife. And when the wife isn't able to get love from her husband, she looks for it elsewhere, and finds it in her children, usually sons (as girls are going to get married off and be someone else's family). Such women tend to grow very possessive about their sons and repeat the cycle when they become mothers-in law. They will want to control the son, because they never were able to control their husband...and the the daughter-in law becomes the sufferer. And so on and so forth.

We all talk about how great mothers are, but if there are mothers like these who believe in things stated above, then I am sorry for those children who have to bear the brunt of megalomaniacs and ultra insecure mothers.

As for all the ladies out there, we someday will be mothers-in law, and if we want to be awesome mothers-in law, all we have to do is remember this poem, and make sure, we never become like this lady/or whoever composed this poem.

Happy mother's day to you all.


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