Mummy ka magic
|   Jan 18, 2017
Mummy ka magic

I sat down for a while to relax on the park bench after my customary evening walk and exchanged smiles and a hi hello with a few familiar faces.Children were busy playing around on swings and slides, while some senior citizens were busy with their chats. Amidst all this I noticed a young mother running after her toddler with a tiffin box in her hand. She was trying every possible trick to feed him. She would take names of his favourite cartoon characters, would make silly promises and even  showed her anger and tried to scare him, but all the efforts to push some food in the child's mouth went in vain. The mischievous boy kept running here and there and managed to escape the poor mother's grip and trick every time. I became quite nostalgic at this sight and went down the memory lane when my son was a little boy filled with all sorts of naughtiness, fuss and tremendous energy  (to cope with a child's energy is quite a task in itself ). He never ate his food straight away, was ready with new demands every time , and this was what compelled me to explore my creative side. He loved to have egg in breakfast, but was bored within a day or two, so  mom had to be ready with something interesting, and this brought egg and bread blocks into existence ( egg fried along with the bread and cut into squares ).In my house the shape of the patanthas changed daily as per the demand of my son;one day it was a fish parantha, the other day a cat parantha, even a mobile phone paratha(seriously ) was relished. Dal and rice was very boring for him, but became a delicacy once served like a cake with dal dripping just like chocolate. We even used to cut that rice and dal cake and sing the birthday song😃.Khichdi and pulav had to be served in the form of little balls that were eaten with a fork. Even the poor fruits were not spared, they had to be cut in different shapes and sizes and served in a different way every time to have the privilege  of being eaten by my little monster.

         Despite all the hard work,both physical and mental , there was only one thing that relieved me, my child was atleast eating healthy home made food which was essential for his growth and development. As my son grew up, his preferences started changing in matters of food.He loved pizza, and lo!mummy was ready with a roti pizza(tadaaaa). 

          Now that my children are grown up,( my son is going to be a teen now)it doesn't mean that mum's job has become easier. Mummy has to brush up her magical culinary skills at all times. Even now, a whole lot of innovation can be seen in the food of my house,the only difference being that ,now rotis become tacos, parathas become frankies and so on. I enjoy every bit of my effort as long as my children have a sumptuous meal. Nothing can make a mother happier. 

     O kid! try and make the wildest excuse, 

    Mummy ka magic, always rescues. 

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