My plans for my kids'vacation 
|   Apr 23, 2017
My plans for my kids'vacation 

Exams are over, results out and the school is finally closed for summer vacation, a long long vacation. Like every year, this time also I used to receive numerous pamphlets along with the newspaper, advertising for various summer camps and numerous other classes to keep the kids engaged in holidays. But unlike last year my plans are different. I have planned a 'not so planned' vacation for my children this time, a lazy, carefree, sluggish and somewhat crazy chutti time.

           I do not want my kids  to follow a specific routine during their holidays like they do for the rest of the year. I want them to do whatever they wish to during this period. I won't mind if they get up a little late in the morning or for that matter sleep late at night. I would allow them to get dirty in the mud as they do a little gardening. My little daughter loves to cook and bake and she is allowed to do her heartful in her vacations. My son shall  get enough time to play cricket with his friends without worrying about getting scolded for being late. We shall have movie sundays with the family along with popcorns and icecreams. We'll  be paying a short visit to our native place as well where  the kids will get a taste of the rustic lifestyle of small towns. Mango orchards, climbing trees and feasting on the ripe yellow king of fruits will definitely be an experience to be cherished by them(hope so).             Instead of learning something fancy and new in an expensive class, I have decided, this time my children will learn about  life skills , our roots and values . Instead of sending them for a handwriting class or a painting class I have decided to teach my children petty household jobs like ironing clothes, folding them, doing laundry,making simple breakfast etc. I am sure it will be great fun(although I'm keeping my fingers crossed)

         So these are my plans for the vacation ,I hope and wish that they work! just thought of sharing. Do share yours too. 😊(Let me tell you a secret, I have discontinued the broadband Internet connection for a month 😜to restrict the use of gadgets )

"Peer pressure ko peeche chorein, 

apne man ki aankhein kholein, 

chutti ko chutti rehne dein, 

aji!bachpan hai, jee lene dein." 

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