Stop judging. Hijab. choice! 
|   Mar 10, 2017
Stop judging. Hijab. choice! 

I was fully dressed up in my pink full sleeved long kurta, royal blue plazzo and a matching head cover, my most important adornment, my hijab. I reached the venue of my friend's wedding , really excited to meet all my college friends." Your dress is looking so pretty, please don't spoil your look, take out this head scarf of yours", said one of my friend. "You know dear that I don't take it off in public," I reminded . "O come on, you are among your friends, your in laws are not watching you", she tried to prove her point. "My hijab is my choice, nothing to do with my in laws", I smiled and changed the topic in order to avoid unnecessary argument.            

Ever since I started practising hijab, yes you read it right, practising not only  wearing because hijab includes the way you talk, the way you walk, the way you behave and also the way you think. All of these have to be done with modesty, and yes it applies to men as well. So,I was sharing with you how people judge me ever since I adopted hijab. Sometimes they make out from my appearance that I may not be educated enough, unable to converse in english , huh!people have even asked me whether I have some medical issues that I cover my head all the time(seriously ). Different people judge me differently according to their sensibilities. 

People often regard hijab as a symbol of oppression, but let me tell you it signifies freedom, yes freedom of showing the world only what I want to show . It is personalising of my sexuality, and in no way it makes me week. Infact I feel stronger and honoured because of my choice of hijab.  You may judge,that hijab is oppressive, but it actually makes me feel very very precious. Just as the beauty of the sun doesn't fade when clouds cover it, in the same manner the beauty is actually enhanced with hijab even more than what the eyes see. 

People oppose it when they are judged for wearing minimal clothing  (it's absolutely ok as it is their choice) , and I oppose it when I am judged for being fully clothed because for me I am exhibiting the highest level of thought and civilisation man has achieved. 

So STOP JUDGING  because   

 Hijab is my faith, my honour, my identity, my right, my choice and my life.          

   "  Ye mere khaas hone ka ehsaas hai, 

      meri pehchan hai, ye mera hijab hai."        

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