Perfect relationship : you have the power to make it happen
|   May 11, 2016
Perfect relationship : you have the power to make it happen

Its been 6 years to my marriage and I feel blessed to have mastered even the most complex relationship on earth ( yes you have read it right , it's a relation that scares us all )

Though the situation wasn't always this nice... My initial days were full of struggle .I didn't know whom to blame , my parents or my destiny ? But I chose to leave everything to God .

As they say , it takes time to make anything just fine and perfect . 

It was Hum Aapke HAI kaun on the cable , while watching movie I was lost thinking , do families like they show in this family dramas really exist ? 

Now I can say , yes they do exist and. It's very much in our hands to make it happen .

But the most important and complex questions is HOW ?

I would say , this all depends on your sincerity and yearning to make things work .A relationship is all about ups and downs . Important is not , how many times we encounter problems but how successfully we get past them .  There are few basic rules to make any relationship work  and from my personal experience I can say , if u apply these  any relationship can be a cake walk .

Communicate :-All relationship problems stem from poor communication . Make yourself available .

Respect each other's view point :-Difference of opinion creates  big bridges in any relation, accept the view point offered by other . This will make the other person feel good .

Don't bad mouth :- Do we crib about our mother , sister , brother , father ?? If the answer is no , then why do we talk ill about our in laws . Flaws will be there in everyone , it's upto us how we react or handle them.

Respect the advice given by elders :- not because they have nore experience in being right , but because they have nore experience in being wrong and know better what works best .

Set up a meal time :- where all sit together , eat together , laugh together and share their day's story .

Last but not the least .

Actions speak louder than words :- don't get offended often . Always use positive words a d positive body language .

Correcting relations is a slow and gradual process , and one can't expect a change overnight . Be patient and keep doing the right .

All the best and see you soon . 

Pic credits :- Google ( as usual )

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